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Oct 12, 2007 07:32 AM

Lobster Claw in North Reading

I had my 6yo nephew coming to dinner this week and his favorite meal is haddock, asparagus, frech fries and salad ( must have croutons and Kens Italian dressing!). So, of course, that is what I planned for dinner. have read recent posts on the boards for Twin Seafood in REading Center- but I though I would give the Lobster Claw a try. I called them in the am, and they said they were had just got some haddock in. Stopped by- it was only 7.99 per pound! It was fabulous. I used to get seafood there years ago- but had never been back since they re opened the fish counter. I also bought some scallops ( 10.99 per pound) which I will have tonight. I will have to remember to see if they still sell their homemade fish cakes- they used to be so good. They also used to have the best crab salad- just shredded crab meat ( real crab!) with a bit of mayo. Dinner was enjoyed by all- and my nephew came flying to the table, yelling : Oh boy, haddock- too funny. As we were eating, he told me he also loved calamari- will have to try that for another visti. A true baby hound! Will definitely be back.

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  1. Don't you just love it when children are happy about something other than fish sticks. Your nephew is a true Chowpup.

    Twin Seafood was very good, but I'm now I have to try the Lobster Claw. Last week when DH went to Twin and asked for wild Alaskan salmon they were sold out and the monger talked DH into Canadian farmed saying Canadian regulations are stricter than the U.S. I hope that's true. I didn't check. The salmon was excellent BTW, but still.....

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      They did have salmon at Lobster Claw, but I did not ask about it. Give them a call before you go- the owner is very helpful and you can decide if they have what you are looking for before you go.
      My nephew is a hound in the making- but he does like Trader Joes fish sticks- and I will admit- I bought them to keep in the house for him, and they were not bad!

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        Thank you macca, will do as you suggest. That's cute about your nephew...I suspect TJ's fish sticks are better than most.

    2. Glad to see that their fish has improved. I bought from them years back and was very disappointed with the fish/shrimp I had gotten. I know for a fact that they used to use frozen fish in their fried fish meals and I will not go there anymore due to that although my youngest chowpup loves "clam fry"...I go North for that!

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        Not sure what they use in their fried meals now- but this haddock was definitely not frozen. I remember when this place was a really small take out, fried only joint- and it was great- of course, that was probably 20+ years ago! I love fried clams, too- but hardly ever eat them- usually save them for when my midwestern relatives come to town, and we do the beach, lobster, chowder, clam thing!!