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Oct 12, 2007 06:53 AM

Korean on Bloor

I'm meeting friends for lunch on Sunday and we want Korean on Bloor. Which ones do you recommend? I've been to Korean restos in other areas but not in Korea town yet.
I did a search before posting this and didn't find any concise suggestions.


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  1. Sejong is my personal favourite.

    1. depends on what you're in the mood for: would it be a long leisurely meal family style, with a traditional spread ie. bulgogi, kalbi, stews, cook-at-your-table, etc? or a quick bite involving individual stews (no bbq)? or a group-dining with a drink involved? for the traditional large spreads, I'd recommend Il Bun Ji, Korea House, even Mulaebanga (next door to Christie subway). a quick bite can be had at Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu but menu is limited to tofu stews, stonebowl bibimbap. group dining w/ alcohol, there are any number of small bunshik places ie. joon's (tho I personally dont like joon's), owl, umjibunshik. ....for handcut noodles, Imonay's ....

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        Is Buk Chang Dong Soon more of a take out place? I think we will want that style of food, but be able to sit and linger a bit. I like the banchan a lot. Do you get that there. Do you have an opinion on Sejong?

        1. re: pescatarian

          it's not a takeout place, defly sit down, but they are known for their soft tofu stews (hence, their name) and so they have a menu that is limited to that: i think I counted maybe 5-6 types ie. beef bulgogi, pork, seafood, veggie, mandu, kimchi; in addition they have bulgogi, and bibimbap. their specialty is the stew served with stonebowl rice (a specially tasty kind of rice which involves cooking regular short grain rice mixed with a little black rice and dates in a stone pot, resulting in a crunchy bottom layer that is slightly burned - this in turn is the base for a soothing tea/infusion made by adding hot water to the bottom crust) - if you haven't tried this type of rice, the rice alone is worth a visit. they only provide about 4-5 banchans/side dishes. what they do, they do well, and they allow you to stay as long as you want but it is busy with a fairly constant stream of customers. service is quick.

          I can't quite picture Sejong in my head right now and that's just cause I don't always remember names of places. if it's the one that's been there forever (other than Korea House), ie. dark wood interior, it's probably ok - these tend to have a more varied menu (than Buk Chang) and a larger variety of side dishes. imho, it's the side dishes that make lingering at a korean meal that much more enjoyable....

          1. re: berbere

            Thanks. Sounds great. I've had bibimbap, but not in a stonebowl with that kind of rice. Sounds delicious. 4-5 banchans sounds ample for lunch.

              1. re: berbere

                I did! We went to Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu and it was exactly what we were looking for. Loved the dolsot withe crispy bits of rice at the bottom. Great service and we were left to linger.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  glad to hear that! just fyi, they also have a new location on west side of yonge, just north of the north york centre

                  1. re: berbere

                    Thanks. Good to know. I think I've seen it actually and now that I have been to the other one, I will check it out too.

      2. I like Seoul Restaurant - they have nice Pork Bone Soup there. 691 Bloor is also good. 9 items on the menu only and always packed.

        1. Do any of these places have vegetarian dishes? I've eaten veggie Korean food in other cities, but it's always hard to track down at first...

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          1. re: piccola

            most Korean banchans (side dishes) are veggie so the sides shld be fine; in terms of the mains, you'd have more luck as a fish-eating-vegetarian as most korean soups/stews are fish-stock based, other than the obvious ones such as pork bone, oxtail, etc. if you are not a fish eater, then I'd suggest you ask the wait staff for veggie options or to veggie-fy the usual dishes ie. you can easily enjoy the bibimbap at Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu without the meat which is cooked separately then added as a topping with egg - I find from perusing the korean supermarket shelves that vegetarian options are clearly in demand as we see more and more vegetarian/meatless products eg. mandu (dumplings), soup-stock, etc.

            btw, Buk Chang Don Soon Tofu does not have an english sign, its signage is only in korean; you can find it by looking for the orange building with a green sign at bloor/clinton across from tacos el asador

            1. re: berbere

              Pescatarian, Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu sounds like the kind of place you are looking for. It is inexpensive and casual, but you will be more than welcome to stay as long as you like. It is always very busy with groups of friends or families, lingering over their meals. Enjoy!

              1. re: berbere

                Hey, thanks! That's exactly what I needed - Korean food 101.