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Oct 12, 2007 06:53 AM

Business Dinner Recs Near Marriot Wardman Park

I will be in Washington for a conference next week and I am looking for recs for a nice client dinner. We will be staying at the Marriot Wardman Park (I am assuming this is somewhere downtownish), so anywhere within an easy cab ride would be preferred. I'm not sure how adventurous my fellow diners, but personally I love trying new things. Thank you in advance.

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  1. it's not downtown - but you could walk up to Palena for a nice business dinner, or down to Cashions Eat Place.

    I'm sure a certain someone will say "walk up to Dino", but the noise would make it difficult to meet with clients.

    Either place is within walking distance, or you could take a cab - but the weather will likely be nice, and actually both restaurants have outside seating if you are into that.

    1. At this Marriott, you are not downtown, but in the Woodley Park neighborhood. You're an easy metro or cab ride downtown if that's where you need to be.......but I'd suggest, as I'm sure several other hounds reading your question are thinking, that you and your clients take a nice stroll up to Cleveland Park, very easy walk from where you are. Depending on your expense account.........take a look at Palena (back room) or Ardeo. Many of us love Dino, but IMO it's at least one step more casual, so if really a business dinner, the other two might fit your needs just a bit better.

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        I just thought about this- what about a stroll into adams morgan to little fountain cafe?

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          If it's a weekend, the walk to Adams might disrupt the whole "business dinner" feel. Well, maybe moreso the walk back to the hotel, but still.

          If the client wouldn't mind then it's moot point.

          As for Palena, I think even the front/outside are good for business get togethers if you aren't going for super formal. The service is top notch. The only issue i see with it is that if you're with a larger party, things can be pretty tight in the small front room - i was there with 5 other people the last time i went, and we had to move tables because there wasn't enough room for us where they put us (they handled it well though).

      2. I second the recommendation for Palena. If you are willing to take a short cab ride or metro ride to Dupont Circle I would recommend Mark and Orlando's or Heritage for delicious Indian food (Indian of course is more of a risk if your client is a picky eater not use to "ethnic cuisine".)

        For Italian you can try Al Tiramisu in Dupont or Oblisk (although I actually haven't been to this restaurant, only heard my bf rave endlessly, so I'm not sure if the set-up is appropriate for a business dinner).

        1. Palena sounds like the answer, but you might also consider New Heights which is right by your hotel (which is not downtown).

          3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

          New Heights Restaurant
          2317 Calvert St. NW, Washington, DC 20008

          Marriott-Wardman Park
          2660 Woodley Rd NW, Washington, DC

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            I'll second the New Heights recommendation (haven't been to Palena). New Heights was questionable for a while, but the owner, Umbi Singh, is back managing the place full time now and as a result the restaurant is a much nicer place to dine -- much better service and good quality food. It's a very pleasant atmosphere, as well, overlooking Rock Creek Park from its second floor location (note: not wheelchair- or walker-friendly, but they're able to accommodate a table for two sometimes in the bar area downstairs).