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Oct 12, 2007 06:35 AM

BBQ Beach

Ok, so I was completely skeptica about "BBQ" on south beach. I thought naw, can't possibly be good. Boy was I wrong! Only after hearing about the place from a friend and then reading reviews online did I give it the time of day. I'm more than glad I did and will be back frequently, or as long as it stays open. The overhead must be outrageous for a place that size on the beach and it wasn't very busy. I suggest everyone try this place out it is worth the trip to the beach. I just hope it keeps it's doors open long enough that I can enjoy great BBQ in sofla so I don't have to drive to Orlando "Bubbalous Bodacious BBQ" whenever I want good BBQ.

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  1. Look for the second Beach BBQ in the old Roadhouse Grill @ 125th St. & Biscayne Bld.

    1. I finally got there for first time last night (take-out) and wholeheartedly agree. Despite the incongruous location on South Beach and the even more incongruous tiki bar decorations, this place is doing serious BBQ.

      We had the "whacked" pork, the beef brisket, and an "appetizer" order of the dry-rubbed spare ribs, with sides of collard greens, baked beans, mashed sweet potatoes, and hush puppies. Loved it all.

      The pulled pork was tender, juicy and flavorful, as were the ribs, which also carried a good bit of zingy spice from the dry rub (these are not sauce-drenched ribs like you usually see around these parts, but are only dry-rubbed - sauce 'em yourself if you choose). The real standout for me, though, was the brisket, which was just outrageously, unctuously, melt-in-your-mouth tender. Several sauces are available including a "typical" sweet tomato/brown sugar style, along with a more zingy mustard and vinegar based sauce. I also liked all the sides though the mashed sweets (which also have bananas in them, and nuts) were a little overwhelmingly sweet for me.

      This is seriously good stuff. Indeed just the smell of it roused my 10-year old out of bed when I brought it home, saying "What smells so good?" When I told him I brought home BBQ, he said "There better be some left tomorrow." Good news for him is that the portions are very generous and there was no way my wife and I could put away all this. The "bucket of bones" rib appetizer in particular is a rare bargain at $9 (for probably at least a half-dozen or more big, meaty ribs - not the short little baby-backs) but all of the platters, which each include 2 sides, were between $10 and $14.

      I'm thrilled to hear they're taking over the old Roadhouse Grill location on Biscayne which (for me at least) will be a lot more accessible than South Beach.

      1. I think they are doing ok. This is a very slow time of year for Miami and they are a tourist business. Also I don't think they would be doing another one if this one was doing poorly.