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Oct 12, 2007 06:11 AM

Gordon Ramsay on Jay Leno

Anyone else see him last night? The guy is either ON something, or he has the metabolism of a 2 year-old. Talk about hyper! He could not sit still.

He sure is taller and bulkier than he I thought he was...I guess all white can make one look smaller.

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  1. I was surprised he was taller than Leno, and that his energy level was so high. Definitely intimidating.
    And he looked good on HDTV.
    Did Jay not know what 'bollocks' are? No response from Leno when the burn was mentioned.
    The cooking segments that Ramsay has done on Leno have been frustrating. Jay seems to enjoy not knowing how to do something. And did anyone find/hear what beside pineapple was in the filling?

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    1. re: shallots

      The cooking segments on Leno are silly. I didn't see Gordon Ramsay but I saw Jay with Nigella one time. All he did was hit on her and during the cooking he was just throwing stuff around and making a mess in a "jokey" way. I thought his manner was rude.

      1. re: chocabot

        Oh, for heaven's sake, Jay Leno is a comedian first and foremost. I am sure that both Gordon Ramsay and Nigella understand that completely when they agree to cook with him. Don't you think if he wasn't a comedian that Ramsay would have been ballistic?

        Have you seen David Letterman "cook with Martha Stewart? It's the same thing.

        Lighten up.

        1. re: edgewater

          Then why do they bother to have the cooking segments? Just to show up the supposed comedy of the hosts? Yes, it's their show, but how about showing some respect to their guests?

          1. re: LindaWhit

            I agree. I for one do not enjoy their cooking segments. In fact, I think they're annoying. I was also curious about what other ingredient was with the pineapple.

            1. re: conniemcd

              Two late night appearances that I still remember vividly were:

              1) Eric Ripert on Letterman when the whole US vs France, Freedom Fries, etc was at it's peak and Letterman took some shots at Eric about his home country. Standard Letterman comedy but you could tell Eric was uncomfortable since I think politics is the LAST thing he wanted to talk about. They went on to the cooking segment and Letterman did his usual schtick chugging olive oil or whatnot and it was all in good fun in the end. Aside from the France jabs it was a pretty entertaining segment.

              2) Nobu Matsuhisa on Jay Leno giving a demo on sushi making. Leno was flat out disrespectful and insulting to Chef Nobu...the whole time Jay Leno is ripping on Nobu and the raw fish...nothing clever or witty or even remotely funny, the whole time I was thinking why he was even invited other then they were looking to book some cannon fodder. Two things that stood out at the end were when Nobu was talking to the crowd and said "Well he(Jay) doesn't like my food." and the way he said it was very awkward and embarassing. But then Matt Damon who was interviewed earlier got up out of the guest seat (you know how the earlier guests sometimes stick around for the rest of the show) looked at Jay said "Are you kidding me how can you not like his food!" and then Matt grabbing a pair of chopsticks and eating a fat piece of sushi while they were going to break. Matt pretty much saved the segment for Nobu with that comment plus he looked like a kid in the candy store with that huge plate of Nobu's sushi in front of him.

              1. re: Bunson

                I remember watching that episode. While Nobu was preparing the feast, Leno kept making juvenile faces showing his level of discomfort with the food. I remember wondering if Nobu pulled all his best fillets from his store to do that appearance. I wonder what he was thinking when Leno didn't try any of his food. Matt Damon looked like he had died and gone to heaven once he started grabbing for the sushi.

    2. He is actually quite tall and slightly lanky looking in person. A real charmer especially if there are ladies about.

      He also looks a lot, as in quite a bit, older than he is.

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      1. re: Withnail42

        he's 40. i'm curious, how old do you think he looks?

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              working in kitchens will make you old..before your time.

              1. re: melly

                agreed. plus, the man runs a transcontinental restaurant empire...and he's got a wife & kids. that is one very full plate.

                anyway, he may LOOK older than his years, but he still seems to have more energy than that little pink bunny...

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            I knew he was forty when we met. I'd say he looks at least ten years older.

            In fact, during the conversation he mentioned something about his fortieth birthday. After he lest someone asked how long ago his fortieth was and everyone was shocked when I said "six months ago."


          2. re: Withnail42

            I was also surprised that he's as young as he is. He's in great shape, though. Used to be a footballer, and runs the London marathon. I wonder why all the deep lines in the face.

            1. re: Kagey

              "I wonder why all the deep lines in the face." Life. I am sure Gordon has done a lot of living in his forty odd years.

            2. re: Withnail42

              hmm. I think he looks exactly his age. Not surprised at all. And I could tell, he is a charmer, however happily married and does nice things for battered women.

              I absolutely adore his fastidious no nonsense approach to food. After all we're going to eat it. If I dislike one thing chefs do it' sticking their finger in the food and making smacking noises. He uses a spoon.

            3. I was also surprised when I found out how old he was compared to how old he looks. Then more came out about his childhood, his father's and brother's substance abuse problems, and it made more sense. He hasn't had it easy, which makes his achievements even more incredible.