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Oct 12, 2007 05:24 AM

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink ranks with Esquire

On Esquire magazine's Best New Restaurants 2007 roster, Michael's is the only Florida restaurant on this year's list of 20.

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  1. For those who like me had no idea where or what...

    1. Is there any way you could link the article online? I cannot find it for the life of me. Thanks!

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      1. Michael's also made Gourmet magazine's list for urban restaurants focusing on local ingredients.

        1. Impressive! but not surprising since Schwartz has a strong reputation and skill to back it up. Lovely family too. Glad to see Michael's Genuine is a resounding success in the eyes of customers and critics alike!

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          1. re: organicmama

            Has anybody been to Michael's? Any menu recommendations?

            1. re: madtheswine

              Lots of info in this post ->

              The menu does change a bit somewhat often so some items may be gone and other new ones added.

              Only downside of the national press recognition is that it'll make a busy place even harder to get into.

              1. re: madtheswine

                I love this place. I am sure Frod sent you the right way for specific recommendations, they go around the board frequently. I have loved everything I have had there: the hominy, kimchee (although it is not traditional) pulled pork pizza, oysters, skirt steak, chicken, grouper, even his burger is great. Oh and I am a cremoso with sea salt fan....

            2. Just to add to the accolades, also named in Gayot's Top 10 New Restaurants ->

              I love that Michael's is getting recognition it deserves, but I have very mixed feelings - I'm always bummed when it becomes basically impossible to ever walk into a place without a reservation.

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              1. re: Frodnesor

                oh, cmon frod. thats kinda selfish. and petty!

                let the guy reap his rewards. good for him. kinda a ballsy place to put a restaurant in miami, especially attempting to do the whole "local" thing.

                just call ahead a few hours if you want a resy. ;)

                1. re: Lost Highway

                  If I were really being selfish and petty I wouldn't have further recirculated the praise here - Michael's an earnest, talented guy and he absolutuely deserves the recognition. But it does make a bit sad that it basically becomes impossible to just pop into the place.

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Jeez, the guy is in the same list as Gordon Ramsay and Michel Richard! We won't be able to get a walk-up seat until June at the earliest.

                      1. re: Frodnesor

                        My wife and I got two seats at the bar as walk-ins on Friday night at about 9:45-10. The kitchen bar was vacant, that's 4 seats maybe? That's prime time. And it was raining, so they couldn't use all their outdoor seating. I always take a shot, and I've never been disappointed. Of course, one can always make reservations.

                        1. re: Miami Danny

                          All right, maybe I shouldn't take the Yogi Berra attitude ("Nobody goes there any more, it's too busy.")