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Oct 12, 2007 05:08 AM

Food stops I-91 Hartford to Brattleboro

So I've convinced my better half to take a drive up to Scott Farm in Dummerston this weekend (the promise of Cox Orange Pippins did it). Since we're driving up from below Hartford CT I'd like to make a day of it & stop off at a couple of other places on the way.

We'll try to make it to the Brattleboro farmers market & will stop at Chelsea diner for lunch.

Any other good places to get local products/produce or snacks close to I91 between Hartford and Brattleboro


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  1. Went to the Chelsea last weekend. If you want a nice drive, try rt. 8a through MA. Go north on 9, left after the Hogback area and take it to MA 9.

    1. Chelsea is good, but I think it's a bit overrated. I've been there several times and like it because the food is good (but not outstanding) and it's reasonable. You might consider Riverview cafe on Bridge St. They're a bit pricier than Chelsea, but they're participants in the Vemont Fresh Network, and try to use local products whenever possible. You'll also get some outstanding local products at the Brattleboro Food Coop in the plaza at 2 Main St. Their cheese department has a good selection from local producers.

      1. We found a good breakfast place on Rt 2 in Gill, MA. It's called the Wagon Wheel and is about 5-10 minutes off of I-9l. Take Rt. 2 towards Boston. It's a few miles down the road on the left. We used to stop for breakfast in Northampton when we drove to VT, but it's just too crowded, so now we drive a bit further on....

        1. Interesting to see this post husband and I just returned from a trip to Vermont and did this route on 91. One place I would not recommend is the Riverview Cafe in Brattleboro. We went for lunch today around 1:00 and even though we thought we stumbled on something good ("Best of Brattleboro - lunch" posted on door) the lunch was below average and the service absolutely awful. It's so hard to know where to stop along highways...wish I knew how to do it.

          1. Try what used to be the bagel bakery on 9. They have great sandwiches and all kinds of take out, ready made. I think they are a bit pricey but the food is usually worth the extra cash..