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Oct 12, 2007 01:15 AM

Echo Sushi

I had never had AYCE sushi before and a lot of people said that Echo Sushi was the best (for AYCE). So, not being in the mood to go and get proper fish, I decided to give Echo a whirl...

First I would say that if rolls are your thing, this is the place to go. They have a wide variety of fairly good rolls. But their sushi selection is LIMITED so be prepared to eat a lot of salmon.

Hot sake was served over a candle, which I thought was cute.

Would I return? Yeah, if AYCE is what you want.

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  1. Which AYCE did you get? They have A, B, and C. A has the least choice and costs the least. C has the most choice and costs the most. I've been to echo a few times and I don't really find them to be any more limited than every other AYCE I've been to.

    In fact, the only reason I don't go there more often is that the location is not convenient for me.

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    1. re: kwong

      echo sushi is the WORST sushi i have ever had in my LIFE! we ordered a bunch of stuff - rolls, sushi, edaname, tempura - it all came out literally 2 min later. fish was chewey and stretchy! awful! edaname was not even salted. tempura was a joke - i don't even know how to describe it - shit veggies in a batter? terrible.

      1. re: rafer madness

        The last time I went was over 4 months ago. It was excellent then - nothing like you just described. If it has become bad, then that's a real shame. I'll have to go again and see. I'll report back the next time I go.

    2. I've been happy with Echo, our go-to AYCE joint. But the last time we were there a month ago, the quality seemed to have gone downhill by a bit. Maybe it was an off night...

      1. Sadly, those reporting downhill on Echo seem to be correct. I've never been there before this week, but it definitely no longer matches up with the earlier reports of being very good for AYCE.

        The fish was alternately mushy or dried out (except the mackerel which was very good), and the rolls were stuffed full of whatever the cheapest ingredient was.

        Servings of non-sushi items were generally stingy and overcooked. I liked the beef with garlic, or, at least, the garlic half of it -- the beef was overcooked and rubbery.

        While it managed to fulfill my 'damn, I need to eat sushi' cravings, it really wasn't very good.

        1. I totally agree. I went there a few days ago and the sushi was just average. When I go, I always go for the C menu just for the eel they offer however from the time we sat down to the time we left (1h 30m), we ordered eel every 20 minutes and only received it twice (both eel's averaged 6 inches).

          Besides the eel problem, the rolls were just okay. The rainbow roll was sloppy, the salmon skin roll contained razor blade-like pieces of skin. There was basically no detectable cream cheese in the New York roll. The tobiko rolls contained very very little to tobiko.

          After all these problems, the reason I call his place average as opposed to sub-par was becuase all the other menu items were pretty good.

          Cokes cost extra, service was great (minus the blatant reluctants to serve eel). 1 Year ago, this was top notch...1 year ago.