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Oct 11, 2007 10:38 PM

Mirai Atmosphere?

I tried the website, but it is under construction. My friend and I will be in Chicago and she wants to check out the sushi scene. Honestly, I think she is more interested in the atmosphere than the actual sushi. I've been to Kaze and it was fab, but not the scene she will be looking for....

Can anyone tell me about Mirai or other "hip" sushi places?


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  1. If you're looking for a scene served with a side of sushi, the place for you is Japonais.

    1. Mirai has a nice "scene" upstairs, but not as much downstairs. Upstairs is euro style music, a nice bar, and folks looking dressed up. That said, it drives me nuts since they allow smoking upstairs.

      Japonais has the same quality seafood with a bit more scene to it. It also has the same exec chef.

      1. Definitely Japonais if you want the scene. Bradgelina even went there when they were in town this summer.

          1. If you want a scene, you want Japonais or Sushi Wabi. Keep in mind that Japonais is 10 times bigger and has a downstairs lounge- where Sushi Wabi is just a restaurant.

            Mirai has fantastic food, but it's more about the food than the ambiance.