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Harvest Moon Cafe - Sonoma

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I've had dinner here now 3 times, and most recently lunch. I have to say that I'm really dazzled with the place. Finally, right here in Sonoma, somewhere I can get excited about.

Last Friday, my wife and I treated ourselves to a leisurely lunch in town. Harvest Moon recently began serving lunch on F, S, and S, so we opted to go there. Too cold to sit on the patio, we took a table inside. As much as I like the food, the space just isn't very comfortable, but I'm happy to look past that for good chow.

To start, I ordered a salad of sliced tomatoes and Gigante beans, with a drizzle of olive oil (Capezzana as I recall), a little basil, and a blob of very mild aioli. Washed down with a glass of Quenard Savoie Les Abymes, it really got my appetite fired up.

My wife had a salad of Armenian Cucumbers, French cut grean beans, mint, feta, and toasted almonds, that was beautiful to look at, and like mine, a very clean and refreshing way to begin a meal. She had a glass of Gruner, the producer of which I didn't notice.

To follow, we both had grilled, house-made sausage, very simple and porky, atop a bowl of stewed chick peas. The sausages were topped with a little sauce verte. A glass of Ch du Trignon Cotes du Rhone, and I was just about singing.

There's a food sensability here that I just don't encounter very often, dirt simple food, sparkling fresh produce, cooked and served without any pretense.

Further, the short wine list list manages to be both interesting and appropriate for the food. Someone there has a particular appreciation for bright, lively whites - that day, in additon to the Savoie and Gruner that we had, they were pouring a Sancerre, an Albarino, and a Prosecco. The California wines are appropriately local to Sonoma.

While the desserts have been great, we opted to walk down to the Sunflower Cafe, where they admirably use Ecco Cafe, and do a more than adequate job with an espresso.

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    1. re: Stephanie Sugars

      I am curious to know if the these folks once had Harvest Moon in Oakland? There was a house converted into a restaurant on Grand Ave. near where I use to live called I think the same thing. I was sad that they closed.

      1. re: Lori SF

        That was one of our favorites! The Sonoma HM menu doesn't sound like them.

        1. re: Lori SF

          No...not them. The chef was the sous-chef at Eccolo before he opened that restaurant.

      2. Link:

        Harvest Moon Cafe
        487 First Street West, Sonoma, CA 95476