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Oct 11, 2007 09:03 PM


I am attending a conference in D.C. soon and will be having dinner one night at TenPenh (not my choice, but not in my control). The recent reviews I've seen have been spotty. Does anyone who has been there lately have a positive review? Any particularly good menu items? Thanks!

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  1. I went a couple months ago and had an enjoyable meal. I had a tuna dish that was really nice, cooked rare just like asked...from looking at their menu online, I think it must have been the Nori Glazed Tuna. The risotta that came with it was also good. My friend, who is a vegetarian, had the vegeritian hot pot. She said it was nice and filling. They also had some interesting cocktails. My only complaint was that the service kept trying to upsell. We just ordered entrees and cocktails and they pushed for us to get a couple of appetizers to share and then "suggested" we order a couple of sides even though our dishes came with sides already.

    1. It's ok, and a nice place for a dinner on someone else's expense. Dc's not really good at pan asian, but I will say that I've had decent duck there in the past. They do make a really nice martini there as well.

      1. I have always enjoyed TenPenh. I find it consistantly good and the 3 or 4 times I have dined there over the years the service has been great.

        It's not as hot as it use to be and I'm sure they have rested on their laurels a bit but they still turn out good food.

        It's been awhile since I've been but I remember really enjoying some sort of duck dish. Other then that I unfortunatly can't remember too many of the dishes. It's been about 9 months-a year since I've last dined there.

        1. I've been there twice in the last 2 months, it's still very good though was probably better 3-4 years ago. We always get the spring roll appetizer with 3 dipping sauces, and this time I also tried the Kobe beef tartar which was excellent (more seasoned than most tartars). I have fond memories of the Chilean sea bass, but lately has been spotty; meanwhile the beef tenderloin with the Kimchee noodles has always been amazing. Scallops were disappointing. For dessert, the donuts have always been my favorite.

          1. I actually really like the place for a change of pace. I really enjoy their spicy calamari salad, although don't eat it if you don't like spicy food. I also enjoy thier lunch hot pot I think it might be the same for dinner.