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Wedding Anniversary Suggestions in Philly?

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are going to be visiting Philly shortly and conicndentally it will be during our wedding anniversary. Any suggestions for a nice relaxing dinner? It does not need to be extravagant. We are partial to a nice steak and good Italian, but are open to other ideas. Also, we will be staying in Rittenhouse Sq and will not have a car, but could of course take a Taxi.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. If your dinner is going to be on a weeknight, call Vetri right away. You may be able to get a table.

    1. Brasserie Perrier is around Rittenhouse Square and might work for you. Another suggestion is Amada for terrific tapas. It is a short cab ride away. For steak you are in walking distance of Barclay Prime (expensive) and The Prime Rib as well as The Palm.

      1. For good Italian I suggest The Saloon, which is a cab ride away. The food is great and the service outstanding.

        You can always enjoy a nice steak at Capital Grille or the Palm.

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          For steak, definitely Barclay Prime. Expensive, yes, but worth it. Try the creamed spinach, best in the city. The Saloon has been going downhill for several years now. There are many other fine Italian restaurants, especially in the Rittnehouse Square area.

        2. If you want nice relaxing dinner at a small restaurant, branzino is really nice (byob). but it's a little far from where you are (it's in old city). the atmosphere isn't too trendy and can be very relaxing. and the food is amazing.

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            Branzino is very close to Rittenhouse, it's on 17th st.

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              Oh, I was thinking Raddiccio. :) My bad.

          2. You can get an outstanding meal at reasonable prices at Le Bar Lyonnais (beneath Le Bec-Fin). Furthermore, you are able to order a la carte off Le Bec-Fin's menu in Le Bar Lyonnais, which further expands your dining options. Le Bar Lyonnais is a much better solution for French food than Brasserie Perrier, which I find to be over-priced and bland. If you don't want French food, then the suggestion of Vetri is an excellent one. Can't help you on steak suggestions, because all of the steak houses in Center City are terrible.

            1. I think you would enjoy a lovely dinner at Branzino. It is very close to Rittenhouse Square. It is BYOB, so pick up a bottle of wine if you want wine with dinner. There's a shop on Chestnut St. near 19th - there might be one closer, you can ask the concierge at your hotel. Vetri is quite expensive and usually booked; if you can get in and want to splurge, it's certainly excellent.

              You are also walking distance from Prime Rib, which has a nice atmosphere and live piano music. More for prime rib than steak (IMHO), and they have fish and seafood choices.

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                By no means is it inexpensive, but Barclay Prime offers a fine steak dinner within walking distance to your digs. Ditto Prime Rib. (I would deep six the Palm, however)
                For Italian, Branzino is closest to your area.
                If you don't mind walking to 20th Street, Caffe Casta Diva is a fine Italian choice.
                (Both of these are BYOB however).
                Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

              2. I would also suggest Vetri for Italian www.vetriristorante.com and The Barclay Prime or the Prime Rib for steaks. Have fun!

                1. Davio's actually came to mind when I read your post. It's in the Rittenhouse area and has both steaks a la carte and Northern Italian. I have had lunch there before, and attended events, and have really enjoyed it. Nice room, really good food, second floor view. I think it would be just what you're looking for. www.davios.com

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                    I wound up making a reservation at Barclay Prime, since my wife wants steak. A nice change since I always feel like the carnivore! I have been to Davio's in Philly and enjoyed it. It is a nice space. I should also mention that we are from Boston where Davio's started. Thank you all for the suggestions!