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Oct 11, 2007 07:57 PM

Good brunch choices in DC/VA area

A friend is visiting from NYC and we're looking to take them to a brunch on Sunday this weekend. But they felt Fairmont brunch buffet was a bit pricey (which I guess it is for 60 USD though very yummy and did I mention it is a buffet? =) Anyhow, so I was thinking Lauriol Plaza which is always a solid choice for brunch or dinner, etc.

Any other ideas in the DC/VA area for yummy brunches?
Can be buffet or just entrees....thanks!!

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  1. I do not know where in Virginia you would be looking to go to but here are a few places I have gone for brunch. Most are in the Fairfax area.

    Brions Grille-Across form GMU on Braddock Road.
    Hops Frog-Burke area
    Kilroy's-Springfield off Braddock Road
    PJ Skidoos-Across from Fairfax High School

    1. Bistro Bis

      Tabbard Inn

      Georgia Browns

      Brunch at Cafe Atlantico

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        I 2nd Bistro Bis. It's my favorite brunch in town. They usually have some sort of a 3-course meal special that costs around $25-$30/person. (Although I just checked their website for the price and couldn't find the 3-course special listed so you should call and double check.) But it's my favorite brunch in town.

        While I really enjoy Georgia Brown's brunch (plus the fact that there is so much food you have dinner as well) I find the restaurant to be outragously noisy, especially during brunch with all the people and the music etc. It's almost too much.

        Poste also has a nice, traditional brunch at a reasonable price. Thier bloody mary's are really good as well.

        For something a little different you can check out Heritage's Sunday brunch buffett. It's an Indian brunch and the last time I went I stuffed myself silly.

      2. Tallulah's brunch in Arlington is awesome! We did Boulevard Woodgrill from time to time as well, and loved that.

        1. If I had my choice of brunch in the area I would go to Tallulaah, Bistro Bis or Charlie Palmer, which I haven't been to yet, but has a really good looking menu.