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Oct 11, 2007 07:48 PM

Shanghai Cowgirl Warning!!

Gone are some of the best burgers in Toronto.

Shanghai now serves disgusting prefab burgers. You think Hero is bad? This is 10 times worse! I mean they taste and smell like chemicals. We complained when we turned them back and the two cooks (both new in the last month) claimed they are the norm. The waitress, although very sympathetic, had no clue what they are supposed to be like.

If someone from Shanghai sees this....PLEASE BRING BACK YOUR AMAZING BURGERS!!! The new ones are inedible!

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  1. wow so funny that you posted this...i literally just had dinner there half an hour ago! i didn't have the burger though...still one of my favourite restaurants in TO

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    1. re: loftman

      I was there too.

      Well I ordered the chili and it was excellent. But they really used to have one of the best burgers n fries. Also had the sweet potato fries and they are still great.

      1. re: deelicious

        Yes, something strange is happening there. Last time I went they were out of the sweet potato fries - at 7:00!

        1. re: estufarian

          Well it's my best guess that the familiar cooks are no longer. There is no way those guys would serve this prefab garbage. They took a lot of pride in their food. Once one of our most consistent restaurants.

          1. re: deelicious

            the one cook that i usually recognize was manning the kitchen this past weekend and my sister got the ghetto chicken for take-out, my appetite was listless so nothing for me.

            it took so long to get this order out.... i didn't find out how long it was that we waited but only a handful of people had just come into the resto and with three cooks in the kitchen it didn't seem right. brought it home and ate.. fantastic. buttery rich herbed soft mashed potatoes, a large side of chicken in a good crunchy but not oily breading with some tasty gravy poured over top and a few nicely sauteed and brown mushrooms. the broccoli was just on the side of al dente. really tasty and likely my go to dish the next time i'm there.

            never found the burgers awful, but never found them amazing. i do prefer them over most of what you get in the city though. the sweet potato fries are hit and miss and the wasabi mayo thing just never did it for me.

        2. re: deelicious

          Wouldn't you know it, my boss wanted to go for the burger, he's paying so I'm not complaining...I took your suggestion and went with the chili, it was OK, not amazing but not bad in any way...the onion rings were disgusting, soaked with grease and soggy...the "chef" I usually see was manning the operation, skinny guy, tattoo's rolls up his t-shirt sleeves, wears a trucker hat, eats out of food containers blatently...

      2. I have never really had a good meal there, about a year ago I tried the burger (my boss said he loved it), was a frozen patty on a sad bun, fries are good but that won't save them...I've seen some pretty unsanitary treatment of food there too...personally I have never considered it worth while...too bad, when it first opened based on the decor I was excited to have it in my 'hood...

        *they do have a great patio for the summer though...but stick to the taps!

        1. Agree that the burgers (and more especially the bun) are sub-par. My first time there was about a month ago so I don't know if this is a new thing but I thought the sweet potato fries were nothing to write home about. They had that shrivelled over-cooked/cut too thin vibe to them and lacked the requsiite mayo-based condiment. I'd even take the sweet potato fries at the Duke of York over these any day.

          1. Ive never been thrilled with this place, but more due to the atmosphere. Yes old diners are cool, but try scrubbing them so they tables and menus aren't greasy. Some the old places seem to give a dirty vibe. Maybe they aren't but, its the appearance.

            Anyway, speaking of burgers has anyone tried "B"? I think its pretty good, heres a post I did on that place-


              1. re: Franchise

                This will give you a general idea of the feeling about Hero on CH:

                I have not had Hero's regular burger, only the veggie - it was decent, not the best ever, but not the worst either. Can't speak for their "real" burgers.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  Its ok, kind of dense I found. But good, not great.