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Oct 11, 2007 07:01 PM

2 weeks in Paris to explore


I'm leaving on Saturday from Canada to visit Paris for 2 weeks. I haven't planned anything (work has been busy) and I definitely want to make sure that I fully experience all that Paris has to offer in a gastronomical sense. I'm a big foodie, I want to sample real authentic french food (Toronto doesn't have great French food in my opinion, and the closest thing to French food I've made is French Toast and Fries). Unfortunately I'm on a bit of a budget, so no more than 30 euros for dinner? I'm not really sure how far that gets me. I am adventurous and definately want to try out the off beaten tracks of Paris. Unfortunately, I'll be travelling on my own most of the time and I'm relatively young, so I'd like to steer away from the more pretentious places.

Please help me plan out my culinary adventure!

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  1. Depending on your budget, you may be able to get more bang for your buck at lunch time. Where will you be staying?

    1. My budget is like yours when I go to Paris. If I were you, I'd focus on small bistros and cafes in the "outer" arrondissements - avoid the touristy areas in the center of Paris. The 10th, 11th, 14th, 18th, and 19th arr.s have some lovely finds. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Paris for ages, so I don't have any specific recommendations.

      Do you read any French? If so, check out the Guide du Routard guide, "Restos et Bistrots de Paris". There are always great tips on cheap-but-good places to eat. You'll find this book at any decent bookstore once you get to Paris - my first stop is always at FNAC, where I buy all the guides I need.

      Another great guide is Petit Fute' - but this one is written in very slangy French, so it's harder to understand for a non-fluent speaker (like me). The annual guide to Paris is designed for residents, so it's huge and covers much more than food - but it's a fabulous reference (and it will tell you where all the open-24-hours roller skating rinks are). The web site has restaurant listings organized by arrondissement - and you can run it through a translator (but don't expect perfect translation of the slang!).

      If your French is minimal, check out the Time Out guide. I've not had good luck with these listings, but it's better than "Let's Go" or other over-popular US guides.

      Have fun!

      1. Lucky you!! Have a wonderful trip!!! Street Vendors, they sell great things from chickens to sausages to shish kabobs,. Do picnic lunches, there are so many great places that you can get pate's, meats, breads, all kinds of great things cheap. Boulangeries, sell baquettes with ham & chhese, tomatoes, and what not and they are delious. You will see everyone walks the streets with these sandwiches, and they cost a couple of Euro's.There are great little cafes that have really good plats du jour, very inexpensive. I don't know where your staying ,but a great example is the Cafe du Marche in the 7th on Rue Clur, for 9-11 Euro you can have a great meal, not haute cuisine but, really good solid food. For instance they serve a huge warm goat cheese salad, with bread for 9 Euros, it is huge. They have duck confit with fried potatoes and green beans 11 euro. Get Rick Steves Paris book, he will guide you to tons of great inexpensive cafes and bistros. Have a great time, and post back!!1