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Oct 11, 2007 06:11 PM

Mom's 80th - in Victoria

My dear mother has many friends, and I'd like to invite 50-60 of them for a birthday bash to celebrate her 80th on November 3rd!

I was raised in Victoria and know it well, but have lived in Vancouver for over 30 years now... When visiting my folks I always take them out for a nice dinner, and we've had great success with Paprika, Lure, Zambri's, the Oak Bay Marina (in a pinch), to name a few. Mom has a couple of dietary concerns (celiac and egg allergy), but most chefs respond positively if alerted when reserving a table.

However, where to go with such a big crowd? Dad checked out the Fireside Grill (ex-Maltwood), and they do have an upstairs room that could work, and a set menu would be about $35+(ish) per person, with drinks being extra.

I've been casting about for other options that could be considered, but its a bit tough being over here on the mainland... I suppose we could have a catered event, however, I think we would prefer a restaurant, but probably not a hotel.

Any suggestions/comments would be most welcome, and my Mom says hi!

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  1. Have you looked into whether or not the Canoe Club can cater an event for that many? They have a nice upstairs area separate from the rest of the restaurant/ is pretty large and may be available. If you ask me, the food at the Canoe Club is better than the food at the Fireside Grill.

    1. The Latch restaurant might work. They can accommodate large groups as the place is an old house with many interconnected rooms - not just a big banquet room. The decor is old-fashioned and the grounds are lovely with beautiful gardens. I have no idea of price or whether they can accommodate so many people but it might work, and I have been there before with 80-something-year-old grandparents and they really liked it.

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          I have been to two conferences at Dunsmuir Lodge. The food is very good and the view is spectacular!

        2. Where did you end up going, and how was it?