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Oct 11, 2007 06:10 PM

Recs for Emeril's New Orleans Fish House (Las Vegas)

Please suggest some appetizers and entrees for group of 8.

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  1. For apps & entrees, I cannot make any recomendations - I personally don't care for the food. HOWEVER ...

    Make sure to have the banana cream pie for dessert. It's fabulous and a should-not-miss for someone dining there.

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    1. re: azbirdiemaker

      I was just going to mention the banana cream pie, too. I had it at the original Emeril's in New Orleans, and assume it's the same in his other restaurants. I have never been a big fan of banana desserts, but this one is incredible.

      Pretty much everything we ever had at Emeril's in NO was really good. I just looked at the menu of the LV Fish House and if I were ordering, I would probably choose the BBQ shrimp, blue crab & roasted pepper fondue, short ribs with butternut squash risotto cakes, and avocado and blue crab cakes. As for entrees, I would go for gulf seafood like grouper or redfish. I don't think you can go very far wrong with any of the options. I have to qualify this by saying that I am speaking from experience with a different location, and actually, the one time I did eat at the LV restaurant was ten years ago and I wasn't feeling well, and I had pecan crusted something and wasn't thrilled with it. But that could have simply been a result of my malfunctioning taste buds at the time.

      1. re: kittyfood

        I totally disagree with the Emeril's naysayers. I can't stand Emeril's TV show, but we visit the MGM location regularly and think it is one of the best seafood restaurants on the strip. Also have enjoyed the Campfire steak with homemade Worchestershire as well. As for the best appetizers, I think it's hand down the barbequed shrimp. The sauces is very rich, smoky and complex...and the rosemary biscuit is perfect for sopping up the extra. One other nice note about Emeril's...after the disaster in New Orleans, they took care of a lot of the workers from the Lousiana location...and had them working in Las Vegas. As for the banana cream's not bad...but certainly not close to the best I've ever tasted.

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