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Oct 11, 2007 05:52 PM

Anything good near W. 34th & 6th Ave?

Willing to walk!

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  1. there is a bounty of Korean Restaurants on 35th, just across B'way .. I usually go to Han Bat

    1. I love Korean food, but my boyfriend is not a huge fan.

      Anything thats not in Ktown?

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      1. re: KittyK

        Check out Markt, on 21st and 6th...solid Belgian fare in a great atmosphere.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          Add to that: Hill Country BBQ, on 26th btw 6th and Bwy

          1. re: LeahBaila

            We've done both Hill Country BBQ and Blue Smoke recently and enjoyed both!

      2. Only two blocks away from our favorite steakhouse, Keens, which has been in its 36th St. location just east of 6th since 1885. So, in addition to excellent food and good service, there's the unmatchable old NY ambiance.

        1. Since I don't know what exactly you want to eat I'll throw in St Andrew's on 44th. Good solid pub fare with a good beer and incredible scotch selection.

          I had to add this after I saw you had asked about oysters before. St Andrew's has a daily selection of oysters, usually 3-4 different varieties and they have ALWAYS been top notch. Just one more reason to go.