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Oct 11, 2007 05:43 PM

Caterer Recommendations Needed


I am trying to find a new caterer (after my old caterer went seriously downhill post-Katrina), and was hoping to get some recommendations.

I don't need anything formal, nor do I need on-site setup, etc. I simply need a caterer who either delivers or from whom I can pick up trays of basic finger food/buffet type items. Namely, finger sandwiches, crab cakes, spinach dip, etc. I would also like someone who has items like meat pies, mini muffalettas, and jambalaya, but I realize that every caterer's menu differs, so that's not my real concern. My biggest concern is someone whose food is good. Consistently good. Sadly, the only place I've had consistent luck with for party food of late has been Langenstein's. But I'd rather use a real caterer with a more extensive menu.

Any suggestions? I am in the Garden District area, which would obviously affect how far I can travel if the caterer doesn't deliver.

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  1. I have not used them as a caterer, but like the prepared foods they offer. If I could only remember their name, but that isn't too much of a problem because their location is the opposite corner from Whole Foods on Magazine heading uptown.

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      Chez Nous? They have delicious quiche, and that is all I know, since I have only been in once. I've heard great things, though. Blue Frog Chocolates is also next door to Chez Nous, and they can put together a beautiful tray of chocolates for a party. It serves as a nice dessert option.

      At work we use Southern Hospitality--they will have most of those menu items you are looking for. Have you also tried Welty's Deli and Steve's in the CBD? There is another great place we frequent for lunch called The Store that has a catering menu, but I have yet to take a look at it. Their lunch menu is FANTASTIC.

      1. re: kmnola

        Where exactly is The Store? Is it in a building? I have looked for 814 Gravier but I can't find it.

        1. re: uptownlibrarian

          Of course it's in a building. I meant is it in an office building where you can't see it from outside.

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            I believe The Store is the old Jipang. Yes right there on Gravier at street level. You can see it from the street.

            1. re: Shiloh

              Google maps does say Jipang for that address. Thanks, I'll look again!

    2. Vega Tapas Catering is who I am using for most parties these days

      1. I strongly recommend Chicken Sue's catering. I go there regularly for their delicous po boys and fried chicken. Their prices are great as well! It's run by some of the same folks from Meme's market. It's on West Harrison and Ponchartrain blvd. They have all the stuff you just mentioned.