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Oct 11, 2007 05:32 PM

Hidden Kitchen Paris

In early September my wife and I were in Paris with two other couples & had some excellent meals at L'Atelier Joel Robuchon, Pierre Gagnierre, & Bistro duSommelier, but the one we are still talking about is Paris' Hidden Kitchen restaurant.

I stumbled upon a mention of Hidden Kitchen somewhere on the net and after looking at their website, decided to see if we could get a reservation. I sent an e-mail and the response was positive. We were in!

True to form, the day before our dinner I received an email with directions. Not knowing what to expect was part of the intrigue of the whole experience. We were greeted by Brandon and Laura, the young American couple who prepare and serve everything. After 30 minutes or so of meeting the other diners there that evening and enjoying an appertif, we sat to one of the most relaxing and enjoyable 10-course meals you could hope to find in Paris. This was our last night in Paris and it was a welcome change to be eating restaurant quality cuisine (albeit more American in style than French) in a Parisian apartment dining room.

We could be as loud as we wanted to, laugh without getting looks from the Parisians at the next table, & 3 hours seemed to fly by. On this evening, only one diner was French, while the rest were American, either visitors or Americans working in Paris. Everyone had a great evening.

At 60 euros this is a great value, and even better we went to Lavin, one of the best wine shops in the city, and picked up some great bottles of Bandol, white Chateauneuf du Pape, & Cote Rotie, at a fraction of the price we would have paid in a Michelin starred restaurant and no corkage charge from HK.

If you are going to be in Paris for 4 days or longer and want a unique, fun, experience, I highly suggest trying to get a place at Hidden Kitchen. If you live in Paris, you should definitely go and experience these young American chefs and their untraditional approach.

I would love to hear from anyone else who has been to HK.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We were just there this past Friday. Wonderful, inventive, memorable....we will remember this meal slightly more vividly than the excellent and also memorable meal at Le Comptoir. Kudos to Braden and Laura for doing such a fab job. We hope that they find this (bold by anyone's book) venture fulfilling to their dreams for a very long time. Definitely try writing to HKMenus before your next trip to Paris. The people at our dinner were all so fascinating to talk with as well.

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        I have emailed them ,very interested.. I see form the other posts however that they were awhile ago.. Was it a full table? I wouldnt want to do this without it being so.. My 20 yr old and my husband and I will be traveling.. and looking for some other conversation..

        anyone else done this???

        1. re: butterbutt

          I was studying in Paris for four months (last September-December) and had the most amazing time, arguably of my entire stay. I am a 20 yr old student and decided to go by myself, which I was albeit slightly nervous about. However, the table was completely full with the most interesting array of people (all Americans spanning from my age through their sixites, singles, friends, and married couples as well). Laura and Braden were incredibly sweet and humble, and I was absolutely blown away by the food he was able to produce from his small apartment kitchen. If you are a foodie, or just looking for some great conversation and a wonderful experience, this is a must!

      2. This sounds wonderful. I will be alone in Paris for a couple of days next month; does anyone know how singles are received here?

        1. I'm looking forward to my dinner at Hidden Kitchen this coming Friday. Just FYI, the price has recently gone up to 70 euro, and they have added Friday night to their schedule (my impression was they only did Sundays initially). I'll report back.

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          1. re: Danielcjr

            My partner and I have recently received a confirmation for Saturday, March 26. We are both very excited, and are looking forward to a wonderful evening.

            We will be in Paris for a week and thought that an evening at Hidden Kitchen would be a unique experience.

            1. re: VegasLata

              We are going April 6th and have high expectations. I'll report in mid - April.

              1. re: hychka

                Hychka, my husband and I will be there on the 6th as well - we'll see you there!

                1. re: truman

                  FANTASTIC! What a small world!

            2. were going Sat May 31st.. anyone else?????

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              1. re: butterbutt

                were going Saturday, May 17th. Very excited...