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favorite label designs

My favorite wine labels are on Far Niente wines. Never had their wines, they are expensive for my budget but if I ever see their wines in stores can't keep my eyes off their labels. I suspect if I ever purchased their wine I would never discard their bottle but have it sit as a souvenir. Do you have your favorite labels?

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  1. You might find this interesting: http://www.rodriguesstudio.com/artwor...

    I've heard that Far Niente's label is the most expensive to produce in the industry.

    I perfer more classic labels like most of the traditional ones from France or Italy. To me Australia is ruining the whole look of bottles by putting BS little critters and animals on everything...

    1. Mollydooker
      Two Hands Picture Series
      Rubicon Estate
      Perrier Jouet

      Not a label design but the Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d'Or bottle is pretty cool.

      1. I do like the Clos Pegase Homage series labels, several of the bonny doon labels and the Toad Hollow labels(probably better than the wine inside) the old Bandera labels had some great florals, too.

        1. I'm a classicist -- from California, Ridge Vineyards remains one of my favorites. So, too, Domaine de la Romané-Conti, the labels of several Bordeaux château (including, but not limited to, Lafite, La Mission Haut-Brion, Palmer, Latour, and the ***original*** "Artist Series," Mouton).

          In a more modern vein, there are a number of Italian labels that fit the bill, and there are the labels from producers like Storrs, Andrew Will, Leeuwin, etc.

          Bonny Doon's labels make me smile, but they fall into the "whimsical" category rather than being -- to me -- a serious design.

          1. J Garcia Wines

            I've picked it up at Cost Plus World Market and it's at a fairly low price-point.

            1. I'm gonna break w/ tradition and say:

              1) I always like those "sailboats" on the Dry Creek labels...

              2) I always love the labels of Vintage Port... don't really care beyond that... Grahams [blank] knocks me out every time.

              3) gotta kind of like those Silver Oak cali-cab labels... with the distinctive windmill house that always says good cab inside....

              I like all sorts of labels, but those above just have a built-in positive impression :)

                1. Mouton Rothschild and Leewin Art Series. Both are so interesting.

                    1. 1. Wine bottles with only white grease pencil markings are my absolute favorite -- meaning that it's a wine-blending experiment, a never-released wine or a pre-release.
                      2. Labels that are only clean type -- quiet, minimal and elegant.
                      3. Yes, Far Niente -- ornate but still elegant.
                      4. Mirroring ttriche, white stencil letters on Porto or Madeira.

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                        OK, true story . . .

                        When Far Niente first came out with their Chardonnay (the Cab was still years away from release), they were quite expensive by the standards of the day. IIRC, they were asking a retail of $20 or slightly higher, meaning the wholesale price would have been $160+, and the wine was "net, no discounts".

                        The sales manager came into the restaurant/wine bar I was managing at the time. He showed me the wooden box the wine came in; he showed me the tissue paper in which each bottle was individually wrapped; he showed me the gold foil on each label; and finally, he tasted me on the Chardonnay . . .

                        My comment back to him, after tasting the wine, was that if they used a regular label, no tissue paper, and a cardboard box, they'd have a really great $12 Chardonnay . . . needless to say, I didn't buy any. ;^)


                      2. I like the Bonny Doon DEWN bottlings, especially the ones designed by Gary Taxali. Possibly the best of all time (I don't have the wine but have seen the label) was a bottling of a Freisa which had 2 drawings - one a picture of a boy with his finger stuck up his nose, with the caption "Totally Repugnant" - the other with said finger in his mouth, with the caption "Immensely Appetizing". The captions are quotes from two wine reviewers - Robert Parker and Hugh Johnson - both describing the qualities of the Freisa grape. I've tried to do a link.

                        The Bodegas El Nido bottlings are coolly modern and elegant. Betts & Scholl and Eric Kent commission some interesting artwork for their labels. I love all the packaging, including the labels, for Pax Wines - the map of "Pangea Ultima" on the label, the semi-gothic typeface, the bottles that weigh about 5 pounds, the wax caps (except the bottles are too fat so they won't fit in normal racks). Penner Ash's labels also do well the modern/elegant thing I seem to like. Again goes a little beyond labeling, but the crests on the bottles of everything from Chateauneuf du Pape always strike me as cool.

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                        1. One would have to qualify "favorite wine labels" a bit. If it's just the design/presentation, I rather like the Turley, however they are really hard to read in a darkened restaurant. For that, I'll go Bdx., almost every time. While I do not like the labels on Diamond Creek, they ARE easy to read, when presented in the restaurant. Joseph Phelps Insignia is also a good one (though all foil labels can prove troublesome in darker places), because of its simplicity and boldness - no 1pt type anywhere, except for the disclaiimer on the back, but who reads those in the restaurant?


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                            Same goes for Ridge. a bold basic letter graphic. Maybe not the most sensually exciting but clean and effective. Kindof like the stenciled markings on some ports and madeiras.

                          2. Well... I'm a minimalist, so I like:

                            Karl Lawrence

                            But I'm also a clasicisst so I like:


                            (or maybe I am just conidiotned to love those labels based upon what I know is inside ;-))

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                              besides sqn...i do like simple label as well. such as:

                              vyd 29

                            2. lail's designs are always pretty.