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Oct 11, 2007 05:08 PM

favorite label designs

My favorite wine labels are on Far Niente wines. Never had their wines, they are expensive for my budget but if I ever see their wines in stores can't keep my eyes off their labels. I suspect if I ever purchased their wine I would never discard their bottle but have it sit as a souvenir. Do you have your favorite labels?

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  1. You might find this interesting:

    I've heard that Far Niente's label is the most expensive to produce in the industry.

    I perfer more classic labels like most of the traditional ones from France or Italy. To me Australia is ruining the whole look of bottles by putting BS little critters and animals on everything...

    1. Mollydooker
      Two Hands Picture Series
      Rubicon Estate
      Perrier Jouet

      Not a label design but the Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d'Or bottle is pretty cool.

      1. I do like the Clos Pegase Homage series labels, several of the bonny doon labels and the Toad Hollow labels(probably better than the wine inside) the old Bandera labels had some great florals, too.

        1. I'm a classicist -- from California, Ridge Vineyards remains one of my favorites. So, too, Domaine de la Romané-Conti, the labels of several Bordeaux château (including, but not limited to, Lafite, La Mission Haut-Brion, Palmer, Latour, and the ***original*** "Artist Series," Mouton).

          In a more modern vein, there are a number of Italian labels that fit the bill, and there are the labels from producers like Storrs, Andrew Will, Leeuwin, etc.

          Bonny Doon's labels make me smile, but they fall into the "whimsical" category rather than being -- to me -- a serious design.

          1. J Garcia Wines

            I've picked it up at Cost Plus World Market and it's at a fairly low price-point.