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Oct 11, 2007 05:05 PM


It's a super long shot, but with the Seahawks playing the New Orleans Saints this weekend, it would be great to get some Abita beer for the party.

Anyone have an idea where I could get some out here in Seattle?

Bottleworks doesn't have it and neither does Uber Tavern.
Haven't called Brouwer's but it's not on their website, and I haven't seen it there in the past.

I had some at the New Orleans Restaurant down in Pioneer Square, but I don't think they'll just sell me bottles... (especially with the expected crowd that night)

Any thoughts?

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  1. Call Abita's distributor in Washington? Columbia Distributing of Seattle, 425-251-9300.

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    1. re: terrier

      Good call.
      They were very friendly and sent me to the Bellevue Whole Foods (i forgot how large a specialty beer selection they have at various Whole Foodses)

      I will now be able to enjoy Turbo Dog and Jumbalaya on Sunday evening.

    2. Maybe they'll sell you a growler or three...

      1. There is a beer and wine shop in the Georgetown area (between Boeing Field and West Seattle) called Full Throttle Bottles that now carries Abita Amber, Purple Haze, and TurboDog. I was so happy to find them because I *love* Purple Haze! The owner will carry brands you request too. My hubby put in a request for Dixie Crimson Voodoo.

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        1. re: happy2sing

          Central Market up in Shoreline also has Abita, though it costs a pretty penny...

          Isn't Dixie out of business post-K?

          1. re: fookystyle

            Thanks for letting me know about Dixie. I just checked, and the latest report I found (dated 1/2008) says that they are contract brewing in Wisconsin while they rebuild their facilities in New Orleans. So their beer is available, but they admit that it doesn't taste like it used to. My hubby will be so disappointed!

        2. Hey. A few Abita brews are available at most Cost Plus World Market stores and also at the Gravity Beer Market in Downtown Olympia.

          1. Suprisingly the Beer Store at 85th and 8th Ave NW, has a couple. Purple Haze, TurboDog being the ones i remember.