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Oct 11, 2007 04:59 PM

Syrup (or sauce) recommendation for licorice ice cream?

I'll take any and all suggestions.


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  1. Mr Pibb and Red Vines equals crazy delicious.

    That was my boyfriend's answer. We can't think of a serious answer. Why do you need the sauce? Licorice can stand on its own, I would think, and ice cream is rch enough. What's the situation? And where did you find licorice ice cream?

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    1. re: alysonlaurel

      Local ice cream shop here in Los Angeles (Fosselman's ) has licorice ice cream.

    2. I'm thinking espresso with maybe espresso syrup?

        1. White chocolate chips or chopped chunks of white chocolate?
          Why a sauce, or garnish, when it's decadent all on it's own?
          Maybe a simple crisp cookie, such as a tuille (sp?) served with it.


          1. I had another thought. What about serving with something savory, something spicy perhaps and definitely oniony? And crunchy. I think that would set off the flavor well.

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            1. re: willownt

              Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing-- like a smidgen of tapenade or something.
              (Or is the ice cream already salty as it is?)
              Although I'm probably not qualified to comment since I don't actually eat licorice, I do always want salty things with licorice-like drinks (e.g., ouzo). And I've had licorice-candied olives before, it's a very unique combination.