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Oct 11, 2007 04:52 PM

Good dairy near JTS / 123rd & Broadway

I'll be in NYC on Sunday and Monday, and will hopefully be able to sneak out for some decent food. We don't know the area that well. Any chowish recommendations?

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  1. Le Creperie has had far from universal support but it's a nicer dairy option that is in the upper 90s.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      just as an fyi - jts is on 122nd -- la creperie is okay - truth is the pizza at cafe viva right close to there is a better bet (re: taste) -- but ozu on 87th/88th and amsterdam is stellar.

        1. re: DeisCane

          New age Japanese macrobiotic. It's really unbelievable.

          1. re: LoveKosherEats

            That sounds fantastic. My interest is totally piqued.

            1. re: DeisCane

              it's really amazing. Get a dinner box -- choice of salmon or seabass, three sides, a soup and brown rice -- $22 or so. amazing. seating is limited and it's often busy so avoid sunday night dinner (the busiest time)

    2. I'd go to Cafe Viva, on Broadway at about 97th/98th. But if that's too far, honestly, I'd just go to JTS on Monday for lunch, which is a dairy day there.

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      1. re: Tarz

        there is a cafe of some sort at columbia universirt

        1. re: alyssa

          cafe nana at 115th st and bway in the Kraft Center:

          also, cafe roma [a pizzeria] is now at 103rd and amsterdam

          1. re: meateater

            If you hold by the hashgacha (some don't), go for Viva over Roma, even with the slight increase in distance. It's both significantly better food and significantly cheaper.