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Oct 11, 2007 04:19 PM

Post theater dinner and a Sunday Brunch - UWS or Midtown

Annual trip to NYC is coming up in early December. Have dinner covered for a couple of nights with Little Owl and Le Madeleine (if it's still open by then). Staying on UWS. Two adults, two teens...none of us serious foodies.

Friday night is "Wicked" and if I eat before the show my snores will get me tossed, so we're looking for a nice, non-Asian dinner after theater. UWS or MT. Italian, French, American...whatever. My worry is that we don't get out till almost 2300, so where can we go and not be rushed?

Also looking for brunch on Sunday before a 1600 flight out of LGA. Wife and daughter like Rue 57, but I'm not a huge fan. Once again, UWS or MT are both good.

Appreciate any input!

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  1. For post-"Wicked" dinner: West Bank Cafe, on 42nd St., b/t 9th & 10th Avs., is open until 1 a.m. Very good New American cuisine; friendly, capable service; and pleasant ambiance.

    For brunch: You might want to consider Telepan, on 69th St., b/t CPW & Columbus Av. I've only been for dinner, but the food's excellent; service is cordial and professional; and the surroundings are lovely.

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      Thanks, RGR. We had dinner at Telepan last December and I loved it. Great space and a killer martini. Didn't know they had brunch, but it might be an option.

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        Re Telepan: Take a look at the menu-they have "brunch" type items but also regular food for those (like me) who dislike the whole idea of brunch.
        West Bank Cafe is also a good idea, but if you'd rather walk north, you could also go to Landmarc in the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle for your late-night meal.

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          Hoping that multiple agreements will steer dd992emo towards West Bank cafe so I'm going to back RGR on the recommendation, I've always enjoyed WBC.

      2. Barney Greengrass is, of course, the quintessential UWS brunch spot. Other brunches we have enjoyed are Roth's Steakhouse (excellent steak & eggs, great seasonal fruit and french toast and reasonably priced drinks) and Gabriela's (banana pancakes are terrific and DH loves the chilaquiles).