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Oct 11, 2007 03:48 PM

Where can I get an insane 10-20 Scoop ice cream sundae??

I remember going to the jersey shore and getting a huge 20 scoop sundae with about 10 friends every summer. Are there any places like that in Manhattan/Brooklyn? I really want to take my friends out for one around my birthday.


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  1. There's a Vermonster at Ben & Jerry's. Never tried it.

    1. Emack and Bolio's does something like that.

      1. Ifyou're willing to drive to Queens, there's supposed to be the last remaining Jahn's ice cream parlor. They used to have something called the "Kitchen Sink" which I think would fulfill your dreams. Good luck

        Jahn’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant, 117-03 Hillside Avenue, Richmond Hill, New York (718.847.2800)

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          jnk: It's also served at Jahn's on 37th Ave in Jackson Heights. I remember seeing it served for a Birthday Party and I was truly amazed.

        2. The place that's always been famous for that in Manhattan is Serendipity on the UES.

          1. The italian restaurant carmine's serves enormous family style desserts, including this boat sundae thing.