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Oct 11, 2007 03:45 PM


Hey everyone,
im in need of some hound opinions, i recently moved into a new place and am wondering what kitchen "essentials" should i have? i know i will be having a cast iron skillet but as far as knifes and plates and silverware, does anyone know places with great deals on quality kitchenware?

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  1. Sur La Table is the best but they can be expensive. (Although to me, good cookware is never too expensive for all the joy you will get out of it over the years).

    Try "Instawares", "Ace Restaurant Supply", "Gala Source" or just do a search on restaurant supplies. Online, these sources will sell to anybody with a credit card.

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      Here's a place with great prices I've ordered from:

      And before you start ordering from the impressive-looking catalogs and web sites, here’s an article on equipping a kitchen worth checking out:

      1. re: mpalmer6c is a favorite of mine - they often have good "web specials".