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Oct 11, 2007 03:25 PM

2005 75 Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon Amber Knolls

Anyone tasted previous vintages? Price point is great (<$20 in CA) for weekday wine.

Good stuff or just a cute gimmick to unload excess juice?

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  1. I've got a bottle of the 2004 that I haven't touched yet. Reviews on CellarTracker seem pretty positive for it: Nothing yet on the 05

    1. Definitely NOT a gimmick. This wine is one of the best values out there right now. The vineyard is in Lake County, which is emerging quickly as a good source where land is less expensive than Napa or Sonoma. The property belongs to the Beckstoffer family, kindof Napa Valley Cabernet royalty. Andy Beckstoffer's vineyards are renowned for great Cab and his son, Tuck, runs the Amber Knoll operation. They apparently sent soils engineers and viticulturalists on a hunt for Napa-like property in the late 90's before buying this land. I've seen the wine get better reaction than some $50 Cabs and it is unquestionably a great deal at <$20. Enjoy!!!!!

      1. the '04 is EXCELLENT. Very Rutherford in style. haven't tasted the '05 yet.

        1. gotta agree... haven't tasted the 05, but the 04 is bangin-- one of the best cali values around at the moment. lots of places where i live are pouring by the glass. and not a gimmick... cobb mountain is an extinct volcano... this delivers a lot of nice earthiness and minerality in the wine that is lacking in other cali cabs at the same price point. enjoy.

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            tasted the '05 this week. it's very different than the '04. Less complex, more new world, fruit forward. pure red fruit and less Rutherford style smoke. I think it's still a good wine and will probably appeal to newer drinkers, though I'm partial to the '04.

            1. re: domaine547

              Thanks for your notes; the '04 sounds better to my taste buds...

          2. This wine was served by the glass at Aqua in SF for around $12/glass. It's a very nice wine for the price and I think will only get better. It's no gimmick!!