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Oct 11, 2007 03:18 PM

Can anyone give an update on Fat Wong's Kitchen?

Picking up my BF from SFO at 9pm and I know he will be looking for some easy-going, comforting food, like noodles or soup or even roasted meat and rice. Is there an update on Fat Wong's? Or perhaps another suggestion for Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean?
Thanks very much.

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  1. I was there within the last 6 months. Congee is still decent as was the mai seen (it's a thin rice noodle that's not mai fun) with fish balls and fish cake in fish broth - this item is on the Chinese wall special, if not on the regular menu. Cheung fun (rice vermicelli rolls/crepes, like the ones served at dim sum restaurants) is decent but not dim sum quality but I think the cut off time was somewhere between 9 to 10 pm.

    Or try Cafe Salina. If it is after 9:30 pm they might be closed already.

    Cheung Hing would be a place to go for roast/bbq meat Cantonese style over rice, but I think they close around 9:30 as well.

    Otherwise The Kitchen for more upscale Cantonese dining, they close late. There's a Thai place nearby that also closes late (forgot the name). The duck leg noodle soup is decent, but certainly nowhere near as good as Vung Tau in Newark.