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Oct 11, 2007 03:16 PM

East End Eats Out

Last year's Leslielicious has expanded and become East End Eats Out (a bit more of a mouthful.) It's running from October 12-28, 2007 and their website is here:

Looking at the list, the only slamdunk I see at the moment is Batifole ... I'm hoping to go to at least one more restaurant, as I've been meaning to eat in the neighbourhood (especially Leslieville) for a long while. Any good experiences at the places listed?

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  1. at the risk of tooting my own horn, check out this link :)

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      1. re: loftman

        I am wondering what decent/good restaurants in the areas that this "licious" is happening are??

      2. Sauvignon is usually very good: good food, interesting wine list... It's one of the only good restaurants in the Beaches, IMHO.

        1. Ergh... Too many liciouses. I wish that Batifole would stop participating in so many of these festivals. I know that they're one of the few (from the sounds of it) restaurants that does 'licious well, but I'm greedy, and twice now I've wanted to go for a regular meal only to find out one of these events was going on :-). No wonder I couldn't get a reservation for a decent time with them at all this weekend to take my dad, who's visiting from out of town and wanted some good eats in my hood...

          1. I has also started another thread about this here: