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Oct 11, 2007 03:12 PM

Long Beach Filipino Recs? Lechon?

My family is in charge of buying the Lechon (Filipino Roast Pig on a spit) for a birthday party next month that will be held in Long Beach. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where we can order this within that area?

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  1. Try Hong Kong Deli on Vermont and Carson. I think they roast their own pigs? Lots of Filipinos frequent there. Good luck.

    1. Try the markets and delis around the I/S of Carson and Main Street, in Carson. There are a number of places around there that can accomodate you.

      1. Manila Sunrise in Carson on Main Street is where we usually get the Lechon. Its next to St. Philomena's. They do a good Pancit Malabon too...I brought it to the BBQ taste-off 2 years ago.

        1. There is a house in Long Beach that sells Cebu lechon. So good! Let me know if you still want to know.

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          1. re: Nicole Sylianteng

            hi where in long beach?.. thanks for the info :)

            1. re: Nicole Sylianteng

              I've heard about the house in Long Beach. Can you give me their phone number? I want to order cebu lechon for my party.

              1. re: sukexxx7

                hold on, i need to find out from my auntie.

                    1. re: sukexxx7

                      How was it? I'm thinking of getting one for a reunion next weekend.

                      1. re: oskibear95

                        I didn't get a chance to order from the house in Long Beach. I've heard good words about them. I have a co worker who knows the owner personally. She said the lechon is very good. But I did ordered lechon from Eva's Lechon in Los Angeles. It was very good, very tender, skin very crispy.