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Oct 11, 2007 02:09 PM

upscale breakfast/brunch suggestions?

where would you take someone for a good breakfast, for a business meeting, without inconveniencing the client with long waits? Does any place besides River Cafe take reservations for brunch? (the hesitation here is that the client is elderly and may not want to walk to the restaurant)
and when did Wildwood stop doing brunch?

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  1. I've heard that the breakfast buffet at the Marriott is pretty good, not sure how upscale it is or how long you might wait for a table...

    1. this may not be upscale enough depending on how much you want to impress your client, but you could try Artisan bistro in Bridgeland . I would say it's similar to Avenue diner, but less busy with better food.

      1. Avenue Diner on Stephen Ave does really, really good breakfast, it's not as upscale as the River Cafe but really tasty (and more accessible to downtown). They should take reservations.

        1. For something different...The Ranche in Fish Creek Park does brunch on Sunday's and it's great...if you can get in! They take reservations.

          1. Our family fave (which includes my 70ish MIL) is Thomson's Restaurant at the Hyatt. Valet or self-serve parking, excellent eggs benny, huge assortment of fresh fruits and an omlette station - oj and coffee included. You can also opt to skip the line and order off the menu. Reservations are recommended since waits can otherwise be 30+ min.