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Oct 11, 2007 01:46 PM

Blue Mountain Resort - Collingwood

I am going to the above for a couple of days next w/e. There seem to be a number of restaurants within the "village" and wondered if anyone had any recs pro or con.

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  1. Motorcycle Cafe - I've never had a good meal there, and have had some truly abysmal meals. Have a look at the wine list, though. If you get caught short they will deliver wine to most of the hotels in the village. Do not eat there.

    Firehall Pizza - fairly decent pizza, and cheap and cheerful breakfast if you don't want to eat hotel prices to start the day.

    Windy O'Neill's - decent pub food, with a fairly good curry and fairly good service. Good selection of beers, food is not very greasy.

    Oliver & Bonacini - I've enjoyed the restaurant, but have heard from many that their version of room service does not translate well at all. Very similar to their menu in Toronto. Dairy free mushroom soup, upscale fondu, good wine list, though heavily marked up.

    Pottery - Classics from the 70's served at today's prices.

    Kaytoo - Closer to an upbeat fun place than anything else in the village. Seared tuna actually done correctly.

    Generally, most units have fridges/kitchenettes, so you could save on not great breakfast options by bringing your own. As this is probably the slow time of year, watch out for the signs of staff transition.

    If you want to leave the complex, the Alphorn is a fun kitschy Swiss restaurant.


    1. Great review by snarf - Thanks info will come in handy

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        I think I saw 2guys and a stove have a rest. there . Any thoughts?

        1. re: MargieEv

          Had a meal at 3 Guys and a stove in the winter - outstanding halibut served as a stir fry with rice noodles - would recommend it. Service was mediocre and the NOISE. Definity not fine dining, but would recommend it with some reservations.

        2. re: LM Gershwin

          Just to add a couple:

          Skool - Reasonably priced pub eats. Had dumplings and nachos at the bar while watching a band play.

          JoZo's at Blue Mountain Inn - Another pub menu but they had an amazing deal last year not sure if will be still going on though. Got a Burger or beef dip sandwhich and fries for $5. Also had some cheap beer special as well. It was less expensive than eating in the cafeteria in the lodge. Beed Dip was fairly average but tasy and a suprising bargain considering it's location at the botom of the hill.

          1. re: abigllama

            Thanks for the recs. We will definitely be trying some of these spots.

        3. Going in Novemeber and looking for more of a fine dining place. Any suggestions for that type of restuarant in the area? I have looked at a bunch of websites and don't see anything that fits. So far I am leaning towards Oliver & Bonacini as the nicest restaurant in the area. Please tell me I am wrong.

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          1. re: camp1980

            I've only stayed at the resort, so can't comment on what's in the town. As far as the fine dining experience goes, O&B is decent, though very similar to the casual service at the one in Bayview Village.

            Kaytoo has a nice menu, and I've had fairly decent service there as well.

            I'm not sure what your definition of 'fine dining' is, but if you're looking for something on a par with Toronto's best, that's not going to happen.

            You could try phoning Eigensinn Farms, and seeing if there is an opening, but they're usually booked months in advance. That is about 15 minutes down the road.

            1. re: Snarf

              You are right Snarf, I should clarify what I mean by fine dining.

              I am by no means looking for something on par with Toronto's best (can't afford them anyway). Just looking for a place with a nice atmosphere, professional service and would perfer if the menu didn't have burgers on it. We are going away for a birthday celebration and I would like to go somewhere 'nice'.

              1. re: camp1980

                While Kaytoo has burgers, the atmosphere is fairly formal. I've eaten there twice and enjoyed it more than many of the other places there.

                Copper Blues has a nice dining room, and occasional live music. The fall menu looks good, but my experiences have been hit and miss.

                O&B probably has the best service, and some fairly good dishes.

                Original Motorcycle Cafe would be nice for a quiet drink, but don't even consider eating there.

                1. re: Snarf

                  Thanks for the info Snarf. Just talked with SO last night and it looks like we will be going to O&B.
                  The menu did look like it had some good items on it, I was just turned off that they also had burgers and the likes on it. Also was hoping for a place with nicer atmosphere.

                  1. re: camp1980

                    I dined at O&B for my anniversary in August and I would suggest asking for a booth for a quieter dining experience. According to the hostess, we were given one of the "best" tables, but it was right next to a large table (with children) and we were a little put off by that. I guess that is to be expected at a resort town though. Another couple who sat next to us commented on how busy it was and I think they also felt it was quite loud inside. (Also, there was a huge Wakeboard festival happening out in the pond behind us, so that definitely factored into the busyness of the place)

                    Despite that, the service and food were great. Just see if you can get a quieter table for yourself and your SO if that's what you're looking for.

          2. I was at the Resort a couple years ago, don't remember any standouts, except that the pub had decent food.

            Not at the Resort, but I'm going to a place called the Bield House near there in about a week. Anyone been/had any experience with their food?

            1. Hmmm, I'm a regular visitor to the resort and I would say some of the info is a little outdated. There seems to be two to three new restaurants per year at the resort.

              Definitely check out the new greek/mediteranean restaurant Tholos. Their dip starter platter is a must and the belly dancers certainly add to the atmosphere - yes real live belly dancers!
              Original Motorcycle Cafe is closed down for renno's and I believe they're reopening for Winter as "Centro" so that'll be an Italian option in the village.

              Firehall Pizza, have to agree with Snarf on that one.

              Windy O' Neill's Irish Pub offers a decent pub menu with, no currie though, the fish & chips are excellent, service decent and lots of real Irish staff to add to the authenticity but this place really comes alive at night with the live music. Definitely the hottest night spot in the village, in fact most weekends this summer it was the only place with an atmosphere or even a crowd. 19 beers on tap, I've only managed to get half way 8)

              Kaytoo - contrary to other posts here, we have not had any good experiences with service in this place. Large menu to choose from is decent, if you're patient! While it is defintiely one of the more esthetically pleasing venues, it's not much fun if you're the only one there!

              Jozo's and Pottery aren't in the village so we don't frequent those and can't give a fair opinion.
              3 guys and a stove is not open yet but due for the winter.

              Twist is a martini/wine bar with a downtown Toronto feel to it. Tapas style food done well, servers are easy on the eyes which somewhat makes up for lack of ability.

              Skool does good ribs, service is hit and miss though. At night it turns into a night club with a fairly young clientel.

              Copper Blues - service is much improved over last year, they seem to have increased their server to customer ratio significantly. In my 3 years regularly visiting the resort, I would say their menu is consistently good.

              Oliver & Bonicini - all other reviews are pretty much telling the same story on this place, service is decent, food is decent, nothing new to report.

              I would recommend insisting on booking a room at the village. They're the newer rooms with kitchenette's etc. Generally they try to get you on an all inclusive package at the Inn, which ties you to Pottery for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

              In November and April each year, all the village restaurants have dining specials ranging from Steak and Seafood to Ribs all in or around the $20 mark. It's certainly a good time to test the various restaurants before the busy Summer and Winter seasons.
              Hope this helps you guys.

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              1. re: Mobie

                It's not in the village but we had a delicious lunch at Largo in Thornbury on Saturday. I hear that they are good for dinner as well and it is more upscale than anything in the village other than Oliver & Bonacini. I would not call Kaytoo upscale, although it is fine for a family or group dining experience, not so much for a quiet dinner for two.

                1. re: Mobie

                  Thanks Mobie I think that will be really useful information for my weekend there. Still need to find a place for Friday night and after your post think I may have to check out Windy O' Neill's Irish Pub

                    1. re: ellicious

                      Went there with a party of 10 - so maybe not a fair analysis. Some food served cold, others okay. Some too salty, others okay. We did find it a bit noisy. See my review of Largo - much preferred.