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Oct 11, 2007 01:42 PM

jheights: which roti boti is better?

dipped into both locations late one night and couldn't figure which was better, what was specifically different about each place. curiously found chinese ladies behind the counter at both locations, and just wondering: anyone got recs? love the name, not sure about the food.

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  1. I prefer the one closest to Astoria Blvd.

    And P.S. the "Chinese" ladies are indian for what it's worth.

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    1. re: HaveTasteWillTravel32

      ya maybe . . . genetically chinese? and ethnically indian? the two I'm thinking of are right across the street from one another on 74th street, one is a bit more ornate, the other one seems more takeout-y although both have extensive seating. and you're talking about a third location I guess? any hits?

      1. re: bigjeff

        Yeah - there's a Roti Boti in Astoria, and then in JH, one that's just Roti Boti and one that's Shaheen Roti Boti. I've guessed, but based on nothing, that RB took over the Shaheen space. I've only been to the plain RB (I think this is the one on the north side of the street that JulesNYC mentions below?). Pretty good - I remember excellent little quails. You can point/order below and they'll bring it up to the seating area upstairs. I need to head back here soon, come to think of it.

      2. re: HaveTasteWillTravel32

        I believe the ladies are actually Nepali (I've heard them converse in the language). A large segment of the Nepali population is Tibetan descendant.

        1. re: Joe MacBu

          ah ok, that makes sense. I did see those quails, looked pretty scrumptious.

      3. We always go to the original location (north side of street), but really just out of habit - I think they are pretty much the same. We always get the bihari kebab (spicy tender beef), a couple of naan, and a bowl of chickpea stew. I also need at least one can of soda to put out the flames of the bihari! The chicken kebabs are good too.

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        1. re: JulesNYC

          I also only have been to the original location. I like getting lamb shank from the steam table or the lamb chop kebabs. They have good naans - fresh from the oven. Try garlic naan.
          My BF and I never gave any attention to the screen separating the dining room, until the last time we were there I noticed that one side is labeled "Family Room". It would've not made any difference for us being a couple, but I guess if you're a sole male or just a group of males it would be wise to seat in the single males partition of the restaurant to avoid any awkwardness.
          P.S. I also love their sweets.

          1. re: welle

            I tried the former Ambassador 21 location a week ago and liked it. My BF had goat curry and I had saag (palak?) paneer with chicken. Nicely spiced, portions are huge. The owner came couple of times to our table to check on how we were doing. We split a naan (they're fresh from the oven and huge), and took half of our food home. The bill came to $16. The business was brisk between diners and take out orders, so the steam tables kept replenished with fresh food, which is a good news. And it was a weeknight.
            If you're dining in a group they do cook to order I think. There was a big group of young indians and the waiter brought out from the kitchen a big sizzling skillet of some chicken curry. Looked really good.