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Oct 11, 2007 01:39 PM

Good dinner after the Arclight?

Can anyone suggest some good places for dinner after the Arclight? We are new to LA and need help!

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  1. Here's a link to a bunch of discussions about Arclight-adjacent dining:

    I think most people will steer you toward Hungry Cat.

    1. Hungry Cat (in the Sunset & Vine center accross from the arclight) is great, either for dinner or a post dinner drink. Fantastic food, and really wonderful handmade cocktails made with fresh squeezed juices.

      Bowery (on Sunset just east of vine) has good burgers, great sweet potato fries (the regular fries aren't as good), a nice small and inexpensive wine list and lots of other food choices that look delicious but that I never try because I always get the burger.

      Lou -- a little wine bar in strip mall on Vine just north of Melrose on the east side of the street -- is also a good choice. You'd have to drive, but it takes 5 minutes or less to get there.

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        Ate at Bowery for the first time a few weeks back and was underwhelmed, to say the least, by a pedestrian (I mean, supermarket quality) charcuterie plate and caesar salad. Guess I should have had the burger, which most places manage not to screw up.

      2. Other places walking distance from the Arclight include Fabiolus Cafe, Magnolia, Los Balcones Del Peru and Citizen Smith. There's also a Cuban place on the corner of Vine and Fountain that I've been meaning to check out also.

        If it's sushi you're after, there's three within walking distance. Kabuki is right next to Hungry Cat, but I don't recommend it unless you're going for cooked dishes. Katsuya is open tonight, though I have not yet been. And Sushi Ike is a no-frills sushi spot, on the corner of Hollywood and Gower.

        Really, you're not going to go wrong in that area, as the dining options there not only serve the Arclight patrons, but also the Pantages, so feel comfortable that they're all pretty good (Kabuki and Charcoal are my two exceptions).

        1. For that matter the Arclight cafe has pretty good light fare, as well as a well-stocked full bar.

          1. Magnolia is good, Bowery is OK, Chan Dara on Cahuenga, Citizen Smith a little further up. Katsuya is opening up at Hollywood and Vine this week. Charcoal on the corner was just OK, might try it one more time before I form a strong opinion either way.