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Oct 11, 2007 01:04 PM

Trying to make a copy cat crab cake recipe. Any suggestions??

I have a hankering for crab cakes but since I tried the crab cakes @ The Cabo Villas Beach Resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I cannot eat just any old crab cake. I. NEED. TO. DUPLICATE. THIS. RECIPE. OR. DIE. TRYING:

I am looking for a recipe that involves cream cheese, fresh crab and fresh chiles (jalapeno or serrano, I think) and very little breading. This one was presented with 2 sauces. One was yellow and has an asian flare. It was sweet like a plum sauce. It could of been mango but was very delicate. I could substitute a sweet chili sauce (I guess). The other sauce that dotted the plate was what I swear is Sriracha so I am not worried about duplicating that. Using Sriracha will be fine. Any suggestions? Any recipes to share??

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  1. Most restaurants (but not all) will share their recipes if you ask. I suggest you call or e-mail the restaurant.

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    1. re: bakerboyz

      I did...I begged! It is against "their policies" Booo. I would gladly pay good money for these crab cakes in any LA restaurant. Too bad I cannot find ones similiar enough.

      Shoot. If I can get this recipe down I will open up my own restaurant and sell only these crab cakes. I'll take over the world! They don't know what a gem they have on their hands. Pure brilliance!

      1. re: missmodular818

        Either BON APPETIT or GOURMET has a column called "You Asked for It." Why don't you write the appropriate magazine and enlist them in your cause. Perhaps the restaurant will be willing to part with the recipe if asked by a major food magazine.

    2. This is a great recipe. I caught many Dungeness crabs this year, so I used 100% crab (not 50/50 w/ shrimp) The Devonshire cream gives them a great richness and texture.

      1. Okay Girl, the menu for Baja Cantina is online and describes the sauces as "Mango chipotle sauce and tomato papaya chutney" (those are some expensive crab cakes @ $75 bucks for an app..whoa). Gourmet has a kick ass recipe that would pair up w/ these sauces nicely. They have sriracha, scallions, peppers, heavy cream, etc., etc. Check it out and good luck!

        FYI, Bon Appetit has a monthly piece called RSVP where folks write in and request recipes from hotels, restaurants, etc. You could try that if you wanted the exact recipe.

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          he he. no they are not $75. those are mexican pesos. They were only like $8 USD but clearly worth atleast $20.

          1. re: missmodular818

            Ha! Okay, cuz I was thinking man, they better have been good! Are those the ones tho?