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Oct 11, 2007 01:01 PM

Favorite Italian?

I'm wondering what the Calgary foodies favourite spots were for classic Italian (no fusion - or inventiveness - I will blame that caveat on my dining partner who is a very traditionalist type)? For a celebratory dinner - Mid-range to high pricing. What's out there?

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  1. IMHO the top three more traditional Italian restaurants:

    La Brezza Ristorante 990 - 1 Ave NE 403 262-6230 > always excellent food & service and a smaller more intimate setting

    Da Guido 2001 Centre St N 403 276-1365 > although I haven't been here myself my s/o raves about it

    Gnocchi's Ristorante 1238 8 Street SW Calgary 403 262-2887 > A Calgary landmark.

    Otherwise for less traditional, but still Italian fare, I'd suggest Capo or Il Sogno.

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      I second the suggestion for La Brezza. The food is always great. I really like their bruschetta (app) & Crepes a la brezza for dessert (crepes, ice cream & an orangey sauce...yum!).

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        i'm curious as to what would elevate Gnocchi's to the 'Calgary landmark' level?

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            Thanks for all the suggestions.

            Please tell me what IMHO means? I'm not up on all of the acronyms...

            1. re: dollykat

              "In my humble opinion", I think.

          2. Il Pescatore, which is on 17th Ave SW somewhere around 35 or 36 St is lovely, very much the classic Italian style and mid-high price

            Niko's Bistro on Kensington Road is a little cheaper, but both times I've been there it has been delicious, and again pretty traditional, well-done Italian cuisine. Niko's has a pretty short menu, Il Pesctore's has much more choice with lots of veal and seafood options

            1. My favourite is Buon Giorno on 17th, it's reasonably priced with very good service but maybe more casual than what you're looking for.