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Oct 11, 2007 12:44 PM

Great restaurants in Jacksonville, FL

I'm looking to send a gift certificate for dinner at a great restaurant in Jacksonville or anywhere near there in the price range of about $35.00 per person. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. BB's (Bistro Biscottis), Bistro Aix, in San Marco.
    Chart House even though it's a national chain.

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    1. re: travelingfood

      i am also looking for a good restaurant open on a Sunday night in Jax. Visiting from Asheville, we usually go to Crush-just up the street from my mother's house, but we sad to learn that they recently closed. Have been to the BBs and Aix, and while they were both great, were hoping for something a bit different. last time I was at the Chart house was for my junior prom! Kinda want to skip that one. Any other recs? Preferably near downtown/avondale. Any good wine bars or tapas places? Also love european cuisine (french, italian, spanish)

      1. re: WNCfoodie

        Not sure of the hours, but here are some to try:

        Pastiche - French cuisine

        The French Pantry - Not open for dinner, always packed for lunch, great bakery.
        Sangria House - A Spanish tapas place on the Southside.

        La Cena - Italian, I think it's only open for dinner.

        San Marco:
        Corner Brasserie - American/European cuisine.
        For wine bars, try The Grotto or Simons

        1. re: WNCfoodie

          Last i heard Crush was still open. They closed temporarily for vacation but that's all.

          1. re: PookyBoy

            Answering machine says "no longer open, thanks for 3 great years." as of 12/4/07

      2. We're newcomers to Jax and have been trying to find the answer to that question too!

        I'd second the Sangria House for Spanish. Had lunch there twice and shared tapas...tasty and authentic. We plan a dinner visit to try the paella. The owners/chefs are from Barcelona.

        Our vote for best is Eleven South in Jax Beach. If you're near JTB, it's nearly a staight shot out and a little north on A1A. Probably a stretch for $35 a head, but skip the alcohol and it would be close.

        Good luck

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        1. re: jaxexec

          we discovered Chew! on our trip. Located on west adams street, downtown. not to be missed.

          1. re: WNCfoodie

            Blue Bamboo on Southside has never let us down. Dennis does some reat things. Esp. changing the menu around each month for a different inspiration.

        2. Billy C's Fred Cotten BBQ- absolutely smoking Q! at least last i was in JAX- i was literally blown back by the smoke from the smoker when we opened the door- delicious Q. enjoy fb

          1. I've always loved the Casbah in Avondale...great neighborhood restaraunt, love the hookahs, food's great, and not too expensive. also it's pretty unique.

            1. It is not fancy but a great place with some atmosphere is Ragtime down on the beach. Cool place,micro brew....great seafood dishes.