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Oct 11, 2007 12:28 PM

What to order at Petits Plats, or should we go elsewhere?

I'm going there next week for the first time. It's supposed to be a pretty decent French bistro. If anyone has other recommendations, we're open -- we'd like to spend 20 bucks each or less, and we want to try a new and interesting restaurant in NW. Thoughts on what to order here or where to go instead?

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  1. When I use to live in Adams Morgan I would go to Petit Plats every once in awhile. It's a cute little neighborhood spot. I usually went for brunch but the one time I went for dinner I remember having a delicious roasted chicken. You can even pre-order their rotesserie chicken to go...which is a nice option on a busy week day.

    I don't know if I would call the food there "interesting" but it's still pretty good. You can probably get away with $20/each if you don't order any drinks, appetizers, or dessert. $20 is pretty steep though for a lot of the more intersting restaurants in the area. I was going to suggest Mama Ayesha's but you might go over budget since the best way to do it is to order a few appetizers to share and then a main course.

    Also there are some tasty and interesting options over in Adams Morgan. I would suggest checking out Grill From Impanema, the fun and tasty Brazillian restaurant. You will go over budget but the drinks alone are worth it.

    Another old favorite of mine from that neighborhood is New Orleans Cafe on 18th St. The food is consistantly food, the place is quaint and romantic, and I love the owner. Plus they have chickory coffee and beignets! mmmmmmm

    For a cheap eats you can try doing to Amesterdam Falafal on 18th St for tasty falafal, endless toppings and crunchy fries.

    1. I enjoyed the mussels there last winter.

      1. I like Petit Plats. I live in Adams Morgan, and I go there occasionally when I want french/belgian. It's not always consistent with little details ... once I had the roasted chicken, and it wasn't a particular standout the night I had it, and their frites are sometimes very good, and other times passable.

        I think $20 per person is not realistic if you want to enjoy the place properly. For example, French food screams for a bottle of wine. Can one really enjoy steak frites without a nice Bordeaux (not even an expensive one!). Plats has some affordable bottles on its list.

        Two people with one course each and a bottle will be about $65, including the 10% tax, excluding tip.

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          So is it a good place to go for steak frites?? I have a friend with a craving, she keeps muttering about bearnaise sauce. Should I take her? I don't think she's been, either, even though we both live nearby.

        2. They do an early bird/late bird special that could be the way to go to keep it around $20. I have never done it, but their Web site says It is $24.95, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, everyday & 9:00 pm to closing, except Friday and Saturday.

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            Thanks, everyone, for all the tips -- we're gonna be there during the happy hour time, so I'm thinking we'll break the budget a bit and go for the early bird special.