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Oct 11, 2007 12:25 PM

NEW: Copeland's, Southlake Hilton!

I went to Copeland's of New Orleans last night in the new Hilton hotel in Southlake Town Center. I had the Copeland's Fried Seafood Platter. This thing could have fed 4 adults, easy, and I'm a big eater. The platter was served with a pile of French Fries along side a pile of Onion Rings, a dozen Fried Crawfish, a half dozen Fried Shrimp, a half dozen Fried Oysters, a half dozen small Fried Catfish Filets, a large breaded Crab Cake, four Hush Puppies and toasted Garlic French Bread. All for $21.99. I was with my wife and my adult daughter and we couldn't finish all of the food. Everything was cooked to a light golden brown, the seafood was tender and the breading was seasoned but not too spicy. I would highly recommend trying this place if you are in the area. I will be returning as soon as possible. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for the review!

    My cholesterol jumped 10 points just reading the review.

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    1. re: chickstein

      chickstein, i agree with you completely, that is quite the review Dominic has written. the amazing thing is that it reads almost word-for-word like a review recently published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram:

      "The signature fried seafood platter ($21.99) would easily feed a family of four, no exaggeration. Served on a broad oval plate, it started with a mountain of French fries. Strewn over them were a dozen fried crawfish, maybe more; half a dozen each fried shrimp and fried oysters; four fried catfish filets (or was it six?), breaded crab cake; at least a pint of fried onion strings; four corn fritters; and toasted French bread."

      here's the rest of the FWST review if you're interested.

      1. re: teegee

        Teegee, I read the same article, I went to the restaurant, I ate the food, I liked it, I wrote a few lines, I’m not a writer, shoot me. Eat there or don’t. Either way, Enjoy. BTW, I don’t find it that “Amazing.”

    2. I remember the Copeland's in North Dallas years back near Prestonwood Mall. If it's the same entity, then I recall the potions being generous, and the food being consistently pretty good, though not great. And yes, those hush puppies were always great.