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Oct 11, 2007 12:21 PM

No name Korean places in K-Town

For some reason, there are a bunch of Korean restaurants in K-Town that have no English name whatsoever.

The sign on the building is simply adorned with Korean letters, of which I haven't the slightest clue what they mean.

For example, there's this restaurant on the 3400 block of 8th Street (near Taylor's) that has no English name, but just a bunch of Korean letters. Looks good, but no idea what in the world they serve.

Guess it's my fault for boning up on Klingon in college when I should have been studying Korean.


What I want to know now is what are some of the Korean places in K-town you would recommend that have NO ENGLISH NAMES ... places that are hidden and out of reach of Google, Citysearch, urbaneater, and maybe even Chowhound ...

All addresses welcomed. Thanks.

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  1. what about DWEET GOL MOK (The Back Alley) on Berendo in Ktown? I don't remember if there was English on the menu - but this place is definitely Ktown-at-nite, lots of young kids - smoking cigs indoors/tagging on the walls/getting their drink on. boonshik style (street food), its half off during happy hour - reminds me of korea so i dig it.610 S Berendo St. Los Angeles, CA 90005

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      1. re: flavasista

        love it... especially the old-school korean ghetto decor and stripped down seating options (benches, wooden chairs and tables)

        food is great for ahn-ju (appetizers to go with alcohol), and price is very reasonable.

      2. It's not that hidden, but there's a restaurant in the Yuchun plaza that also has a Paris Patisserie in it (NOT the one on Olympic/Serrano). The only distinguishing feature is that the entire back wall is large color photos of all the dishes, in Korean and English. The name, however, is only in Korean and I have no idea what it is!

        They have great noodles there, both dukk bokee and soup noodles. My fiance likes the cold plate of various meats, and our friend really liked the beef soup. The funniest menu item is "Beef Stew With Various Stuffs." Yup, stuffs.

        1. Based on the post below, would it be much more enlightening
          if it spelled out "DWEET GOL MOK" or even goin' back 30 years ago, "Woo Lee Oak"?
          Heck, the names of restaurants, even in clear English when it's not someone's name, more often than not don't tell you much; "Eat on Sunset"? "Jar"? "Citrus"? "Blue Velvet' "Cut"?

          A bunch of us thought we were getting a new restaurant in Atwater called "Grain"; turned out to be a furniture store!

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          1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

            I don't really think having an English name makes it more enlightening, just easier to identify.

            And I agree with you that most restaurant names, esp. ethnic restaurant names, are of no help. I'd bet over 60% of the restaurants in K-Town have either "tofu" or "house" in their English names.

            Grain ... LOL.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I agree that at least having a phonetic spelling makes it easier to find. How do you tell your friends to meet you at that random little Korean hole in the wall if you have no phone number, don't remember the address, and have no English spelling for the name? Do you just ask them to meet you at a corner and then find the place together? I suppose you do, and we certainly have done that. But phonetic spelling, even meaningless, would help in terms of getting a solid address and phone number through a web search.

          2. i totally forgot to mention SAN (3136 West 8th Street Los Angeles Phone: 213.387.3865). its a real hole-in-the-wall. they're famous for their junbokjook (abalone porridge). 24/7 open.

            1. Anyone know the name of the Korean place on 3rd about 3-4 blocks east of western. I think its new ans it has a pirate theme, i.e. black flag with skull and bones. I think its a seafood restaurant cause there is a banner in front with a set menu price that says seafood on it. I always see people there and there are always people waiting.