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Oct 11, 2007 12:08 PM

butcher block table ideas? [Moved from Not About Food board]

Hope this is the right board for this. I would like to buy my daughter a nice butcher block table for Christmas and was hoping for some ideas, as this is an item I do not have, She lives in Boston with a decent sized kitchen and she loves to cook, but there is not much counter space in her apartment so she is always running out of room. I am thinking of a table with wheels that lock so she can move it easily. I also thought it might be nice to use it as an eating space if need be, so if there is storage space underneath, it would also need to be able to deal with large feet tucking in. But I am open to ideas. Not having one myself, I am not sure what is best. I think it could be about 36" to 45" long- about that. We can do mail order or else we could get it in Boston, of course. Any ideas? Many thanks. And it's a surprise, so don't tell!

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  1. Several years ago I had a small kitchen. I had a butcher block "cart" that had a top from Boos and commercial style SS legs with the giant industrial casters. It sounds like that may be exactly what you are looking for. As I recall, I got mine at a shop that specialized in used resturant equipment. I believe it would have cost several thousand dollars new, as Boos tops are quite costly and the legs/casters are not cheap either. We gave ours to a friend who wanted it for their vacation house, and as this gets me a place to stay even in "high season" I think it is still appreciated.

    I would NOT recommend getting cart with storage underneath, unless you don't think it would be used for "counter seating" as the storage would prevent folks from putting their legs under.
    If you really want to be able to use this for prep it HAS to be ultra-stable and the only way to achieve that is with commercial grade supports and casters.

    If you want to forgo the use of this as a table than you might also consider the modular shelving from Metro and similar makers of restuarant racking. There are wood (and polypro for NSF surfaces) tops that work well for prep and they can be fitted with many storage shelves and accessory bars.

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      I have a butcher block cart similar to the one that renov8r provided the link to at the container store, except mine is longer. I love it precisely because it gives me the additional counter space I need at times and rolls away when I don't. I needed the storage space underneath so I'm glad I got this one, but it would definitely be uncomfortable to sit at if it was also going to be used for counter seating.

      When the wheels are locked, this cart is sufficiently stable enough for me to even knead bread dough on it.

    2. Thanks. This is a great help. I want to make sure I get the right thing for her. Many thanks for the tips.

      1. Another suggestion, altho it would take a bit more research & time is to go direct to a restaurant supply store and have one made. I found it VERY worth the effort - industrial grade and much cheaper than the Boos tables!

        I live in Boston now, but have ordered from Bowery Kitchen Supply in NYC... counter height, stainless steel w/ maple butcher block top and locking casters, 2' x 4' with two shelves - can't remember exactly, but believe it was $500 delivered. You can also do just a stainless top - I actually bought two like that for my husband & as desks!

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          Thanks- great ideas. I think I remember reading about some restaurant supply stores in Boston so I will try to find those names and check them out.

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            I had mine custome made at
            Chef Restaurant Supply
            (212) 254-6644
            294 Bowery,
            New York, NY 10012+2802

            Metro commercial racks and custome fit top about 18" X 30" and it was under $300

          2. i would also suggest something industrial commercial grade as your castors will become very important when trying to work on it.

            if you get something that has the support bars along 3 sides only, you can get a metro shelving system for your daughter with castors that will just slide underneath. when she wants to use it as a table you can push them out and move them somewhere else so that there isn't clutter to block her legs or feet.

            i made a custom table/system like this for myself and absolutely love it.

            1. These are all great tips and ideas. I am getting excited to look into all of this. She will be thrilled. Again, many thanks.