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Oct 11, 2007 12:05 PM

Food Saver Recipes

Just bought a food saver; what are your favorite recipes to vacuum seal and freeze? TIA.

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  1. currently in the freezer

    Hazan bolognese
    jfood lasagne
    hazan sausage and peppers
    garten chicken pot pie modified by jfood
    garten beef burgundy
    jfood pigs in the blanket
    hazan canneloni

    and it's just the start of the season. short ribs this weekend

    jfood loves his food saver, just bought his third box of bags

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    1. re: jfood

      Do you freeze bolognese and soup and lasagne, etc. first in muffin tins or something? I'm hesitant to try it with a folded paper towel, don't want that sticking to my food. Are frozen things hard to remove from muffin tins? Should I spray with Pam first?
      I assume you make the pasta for lasagne and canneloni? I was thinking of placing lasagne in those small disposable aluminum things, cover with foil, then do in vacuum bag -- will that work?

      1. re: walker

        no to the muffin man. jfood places about two ladles of sauce in a bag and then does the pre-freeze so they freeze like those fat frozen water ice things. someone mentioned using a paper clip to keep the top together during this phase. jfood also read about the napkin trick but when he reheats he places the frozen package in boiling water and he is afraid the bounty will disintegrate into the sauce. never saw a need for that.

        pasta for lasagne can go either way. sometimes he makes it, sometime he buys from an italian deli in town and sometimes its basic boxed from the grocer. it's the sausage, sauce and cheese that are key. good sausage, good sauce and at least 50% whole mozzy/ricotta.

        for the canneloni, yes it's home made and cut into 4*8 squares (jfood thinks that what hazan has) and then folded so the end reult is an 8" roll.

        jfood thinks the aluminum pan thing would would if you are planning to reheat in the oven. but jfood will tell you that after numerous different methods of re-heat the hot water bath does the best job.

        jfood used to use Pam when he froze sauce in tupperware and did not like the red tint after the first use. it worked great but since the foodsaver made an appearance he does not freeze that way any longer.

        1. re: walker

          I freeze double-serving portions in plastic containers (Glad, Ziploc, generic). After they've solidified, I pop them out into food saver bags and seal. It's an extra step, but it does eliminate the need for the folded paper towel.

      2. I have a freezer full of roasted tomatos in bags with garlic and herbs. May make one more big batch depending on how the tomatos look at the farmers market this weekend. Someone on the board had a great idea recently for the prefreezing of modest amounts of sauce. She froze the sauce flat in regular plastic bags. Then she put all the flat bags in a really big foodsaver bag and sealed. So then she could cut the big bag open and take out a sauce bag, and then reseal. That way she had to use only one (expensive) freezer bag and everything was still protected. I am going to try that at my next opportunity. I am also going to making and storing strata in individual serving sizes for breakfasts.