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Nicest Kosher Restaurant

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I have occasion for a celebratory dinner, and am looking for the nicest Kosher restaurant in Manhattan - price is no object. Would also consider Northern New Jersey, Bronx, Westchester.

On a recent similar occasion, I tried Solo, and was disappointed in both the food and the atmosphere.

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  1. My favorite is the Prime Grill - the food is excellent and I think the service is very good - I have not had a bad expereince - nect to that I like Abigaels as well -

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      It's been years since I went to Prime Grill, but I recall reading some very mixed reviews here. Any more opinions about how it is these days?

      Abigael's is probably my favorite restaurant overall, but I'm looking for something "special", and I don't consider it in that category.

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        I'll add in a vote for The Prime Grill. It's one of the few places that I must go to each time I make it back to NYC.

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          Second that- steak on a par with the best around (almost)

      2. The last time I was in a really celebratory mood I took myself to Mike's Bistro and had the multi-course chef's menu, with matching wines. One of the wines was so good that I asked the waiter for its name, which is how I now buy Gabriele Pinot Grigio. Unfortunately I haven't been back to Mike's, since I rarely have occasion to be in that part of the city, and I haven't felt in expansive enough a mood to go just to eat there.

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            I think Solo is great, but there's something odd about going to the Sony Atrium for a fancy dinner. Prime Grill is still my favorite.

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              In my opinion, Solo is the best one out there...but I have also done the tasting menu at Mike's and it made it a real special time. The food was incredible and the ambience is a little better than the Sony Atrium.

        1. Le Carne Grill is one of my favorites. I definitely prefer the atmosphere to the one at Prime Grill and I think the food and service is great.

          1. Mike's Bistro.. hands down the best in NYC!!

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            1. Mike's for the food, Prime Grill for the business cachet, Solo for the "Donald Trump rents this place out on occasion" cachet. Mike's is somewhat more laid back in terms of dress (suits wouldn't be out of place but also aren't necessary).

              1. Tevere 84 on east 84st. High-end italian in a brownstone setting

                1. Based on my experience, I would choose Solo, Tevere 84 (depending on the size of the group, as it's an attractive but more intimate setting), or Mike's Bistro (haven't been there for quite a while, though) - in that order.

                  1. Tevere 84 is definitely my favourite.

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                      I feel La Carne Grill is worth the trip.

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                        I found La Carne to be hit and miss on the 4 times I have been there......The real issue I have is the ambiance. Unless you are sitting upstairs, you really can't have a conversation unless you scream.

                    2. My favourite kosher restaurants with nice romantic ambiance are:

                      Prime Grill, Mike's Bistro, Talias and Tevere 84

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                        Tevere 84 does it for me. No other place seasons it's dishes so expertly. Authentic Italian, minus the shellfish and treif meat. I can "taste" the intricate flavors days, weeks even months, after a meal there.

                      2. La Carne, especially if you sit upstairs. The food is decliious, service top-notch. The only disappointments there have been the desserts (not that they are not tasty, just that I didn't get to find out - they have consistently run out of my choices on a few recent visits).

                        1. Sorry for replying so late...but I am sure there will be further celebratory dinners...I like Tevere 84 but I also like Mosaica in Vauxhall, NJ. This small restaurant was started by Todd Aarons who is now the executive chef at the Herzog Wineries Tierra Sol Restaurant in California. It is not a fancy place and you have to bring your own bottle (mevushal) if you want wine, but if what you are looking for is a great meal ...the food is the best tasting and best presented that I have seen in the New York area. I was there three times before Todd left for California and once since; the service and quality was as tho' he had not left. I have not been there in about 9 months so I would be curious if anyone has more recent updates. This was and hopefully still is one great restaurant.

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                            We've been to Mosiaca quite often over the last few months. I can't compare to the previous chef because we had never been there until this year, but the food is absolutely fantastic, the space in cozy, and the service friendly. The quality of the food is definitely comparable to Manhattan's top restaurants.

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                              Mosaica is qiuet, and the food is always good and it's BYOB (Mevushal). In NYC, I think La Carne is better than Prime Grill as its qiueter, even downstairs and the Delmonico Steak is outstanding. Tevere 84 was always good, but have not been there in a while.

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                                what is Mosaica and where is it located? Have never heard of it. Thanks.

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                                  It's in a strip mall in Union, NJ, about 150 yards from the borders with Millburn and Maplewood. It was originally California cuisine.

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                                    Heads up, folks: We were at Mosaica recently for a business lunch and a family dinner and both experiences were disastrous. The lunch was especially embarrassing, as our clients clearly were appalled but didn't want to be impolite. The service was inept--the waiter forgot one order and got one order wrong--the bread not fresh, the food not prepared as described, the fries soggy, the Farm Greens replaced by a steamed broccoli branch, the desserts indifferent, and the restaurant itself unplesantly chilly. Don't waste a trip.

                            2. It's interesting that so many folks are assuming you want lots of meat; as a restaurant reviewer, I wouldn't choose Mike's for a special occasion, nor Solo. The best suggestion you've received is Tevere 84: it's intimate and cozy, the food is so good that often the place has more locals than religious patrons, and if you make arrangements in advance, as I assume you would, you'll receive kid glove treatment, all of which will make for an extraordinary evening.
                              Let's put it like this: the wealthiest Europeans who keep kosher don't think of going anywhere else until they've dined at Tevere 84.

                              1. Sorry, I'm going to persist about Tevere because I was so disappointed the last two times. Tevere used to be the shining star, the unassuming, quietly superb, best kosher restaurant in the city with ambience unlike any other. But, what went wrong this last time was too over the top to be okay after 15 years. Deep-fried breaded sweetbreads--quite a mistake. Awful service. Absolutely miniscule portiions. And, I've been going for 15 years. No exaggeration. And we did reserve in advance. So, I guess I want to make it known that if money is an object, it's not worth the gamble. If money isn't an issue at all, then dive in. I sure wish things were as good as they used to be. Let me know if they are consistently as pleasing as years past.