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Oct 11, 2007 12:01 PM

Casual Dinner in Lowell near Tsongas Arena

Any recs for a Philadelphia Hound near the Tsongas Arena on a Friday night would be greatly appreciated. I haven't been in the area in years and used to go to Cobblestones (is it still there?) before games.

I'm open to any type of cuisine.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Cobblestones is still there. Do you like Asian? Southeast Asian is walkign distance, only a block from Cobblestones and awesome Thai, Vietmanese, Laotian, Cambodian, Bermes, etc. Excellent Italian not too far (might need a reservation though) - Ricardo's Tratorria Cafe (fun bar). Fantastic Portugese place just across from Souteast Asian on Market St. called Friends.

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    1. re: lexpatti

      Thank you for the suggestions.

      I seem to recall that Cobblestones was pretty good. I'm guessing that since it is still there 3 years later that it's still decent?

    2. A good spot to go before a game is Hookslide Kelly's. Good pub food, 2 bars, and a ton of t.v.'s. It's across the street from the building with the "SUN" sign on the roof.

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      1. re: fsalowell

        Do they make good burgers?
        One thing missing that I've been finding is a good place to grab a burger or other suitable pub food before a UML Riverhawks Hockey game.

        BTW - if anyone here goes to UML Hockey games, I'd be glad to meet up before hand for a bite to eat -- it would be neat to see some faces behind contributors of chowhound :)

        1. re: Keithel

          Not in Lowell but Dracut, have you been to Blue Angus Cafe'? Great burgers!!! They are on Broadway, across from Scola's.

          1. re: lexpatti

            Hmm... No - never been to Blue Angus Cafe -- actually, I haven't really been to any place in Dracut!
            I'll put it on the list :)

            Thanks Lexpatti!
            Any idea how far it is from Tsongas Arena?

            1. re: Keithel

              No more then 10 min. Cross the river (either Bridge St or Aiken St. - both are bridges) and get to Rt. 38 (which is Bridge St.), then to Rt. 113 (which turns into Broadway). It's a strip mall on the left across from another strip mall on the right which has Scola's in it.

              Awesome Breakfast place in Dracut called Cindi Ann's House of Ham too. - Lakeside Ave. Very good!!!!