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Oct 11, 2007 11:55 AM

Mini Hot Dog Buns

Does anyone know where I can find mini hot dog buns in the San Francisco Bay Area? Or perhaps an easy recipe? I want to serve them at my big game tailgate in December. Thanks!

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  1. How small is mini? Are the wieners the cocktail size, or half the usual sized, or something else?
    I often get small dinner rolls for small hamburgers, and I found the small elongated dinner rolls perfect for a small hot dog bun.
    I DO have a simple hot dog bun recipe that works. But unless you are hoping anyone will notice the trouble you went to, I'd get the buns from the grocers, or the bakery. I'll post it if you would like.


    1. I remember seeing this a while back:

      You can also serve mini burgers (sliders) as well.

      1. missmodular, those look wonderful!!!
        I think I'll try those, soon. It gives me the idea that making burgers or hot dogs in puff pastry might also work well.


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          here's more:

          You also might want to post something on the SF board if you haven't already done so. ;)

        2. You could try parker house rolls. You make flattened circles with the dough and then fold in half.