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Oct 11, 2007 11:51 AM

Ethiopian in Austin (really Pflugerville)

A new Ethiopian cafe opened in Pflugerville this week and we tried it for lunch today. It's Addis Ethiopian cafe and it is on Grand Avenue Parkway just east of I-35 (strip center on the north side of Grand Ave. Parkway). Lots of meat and vegetarian choices. We had the veggie combo that was enough for 2-3 people to share and allowed us to sample 5-6 veggie offerings. The owner was very attentive to our needs. Not open on Wednesdays.

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  1. How was the food? Can you compare it to Ethiopian you have had at other places?

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    1. re: ashes

      I've only had Ethiopian in DC and it was awhile ago so my memory is fading. This was authentic and the owner and I talked about other places my husband and I had eaten. The bread was chewy (almost spongy) and plentiful. The food was spicy and not so spicy. Very tasty. Because they just opened there weren't many people but the others in there were Ethiopian.

      1. re: lobolady

        My husband and I ate there tonight. The decorations are sparse, but nice. There are about 12 tables inside and another 6-7 on the patio. At the moment the menu is very small 2-3 apps, 6 vegs, and 3 meats. My husband and I got one meat dish and the veggie combo. The lettuce on the salad was not the best, but everything else (beef, goat cheese, mixed vegs, kale, lentils) was fresh and flavorful. To me this restaurant was more akin to what I've eaten in DC and New York than the one near campus (though I like that also). The owner told us he plans to add a lamb dish to the menu next month and perhaps Sambusa. That's my favorite dish, it's like an Ethopian empanada. The drink options were very limited --Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, coffee, or water. I'll give them a pass on that though because they just opened. This restaurant is fairly close to my house, so we'll give it another try in three weeks.

        1. re: meganjoy

          i really have to comment on this place. it's DEFINITELY the best Ethiopian food in town and i agree that it's similar to what i've had in both NY and DC.

          to ME, this food is as close to the Indian food I grew up eating, in comparison to the plethora of mediocre Indian restaurants in town. for those not in the know, as for the food itself, it's like heavily spiced Indian food but drier (not as "saucy" like most Indian curries). the major difference is the injera bread though, which is strictly an Ethiopian thing. i think most newbies to Ethiopian have an issue with its slightly sour taste and spongey texture... in any case, the vegetarian combo hasn't disappointed me yet.

          the location is fairly terrible and the interior decorations are sparse. but i definitely have a craving for the food at least once a week; too bad none of my friends want to go Pflugerville of all places for a good ethnic meal... and it's a shame that no one else seems to be taking a notice either...

          btw, it's closed on Mondays, not Wednesdays...

          1. re: abidonfood

            How does it compare to Aster's?

            Oh, FYI - I heard secondhand from a friend that Lawrence of World Beat Cafe is recovered (recovering?) from his cancer operations and is planning on opening up a new restaurant somewhere in East Austin. No idea about timeframe or exactly location...

            1. re: pwang

              It's A LOT better than Aster's. I think Aster's is just OKAY, definitely the best you can get in central Austin. But their injera is off-colored and just a little off in general to me. The food isn't bad by any means, but just doesn't compare to what i've had in other major cities. Addis though IS quite similar to what i've had in NY and DC, just not as picturesque of a locale...

              I never had a chance to check out World Beat, it had closed by the time i had gotten around to trying it out. exciting news though!

              1. re: abidonfood

                YES... I could not agree more. I went not too long ago and this is the best Ethiopian I've had in a looong time, only rivaled by some excellent grub I had a couple years back in San Francisco. It's a shame they don't seem to be getting more business. I would strongly encourage anyone on this board to go check this place out if you have never had Ethiopian cuisine before, as this is some of the best around.

                1. re: dwohlfahrt

                  I want to like Aster's mroe than I liked Aster's. I'm looking forward to hopefully trying this place soon.

                  Surprisingly some of the best Ethiopian I've had has been in Jewish areas of LA and in Tel Aviv. Albsolute best was in DC.

                  1. re: TarquinWinot

                    Not really surprising. There are a lot of Ethiopian Jews.

                    1. re: Torckus

                      I know this. I don't think it detracts from the surprise of going to traditionally Jewish neighborhoods in places like Los Angeles and seeing Challah and Injera bread sold next door to each other. Corned Beef and Doro Wat are pretty disparate. I think the real surprise that I was refering to is that Jewish Ethiopian food has, on average, been the better than the rest of Ethiopian food I've had. I guess, to concede to your unnecessary parsing of conventional use of language, nothing is surprising if you already know it.

                      1. re: TarquinWinot

                        That was perhaps a little bit too bitchy. I hope we can come together over a mutual love of Ethiopian food, with a passion to rival that of Soloman and Sheba.

    2. I'm thinking of going to this place tomorrow, but the phone number listed on Citysearch is not working. Can anybody confirm that they are still in business?

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      1. re: Brian Lindauer

        Yeah, i don't think they are in business anymore. One of my friends and I both went a month or two ago (on separate occasions) and found the windows and door boarded up. I was quite distraught with the world for it. hoping they just went on vacation, but i'm not betting on it...

        1. re: abidonfood

          That's sad. It was the only place in the Austin area that served Ethiopian foul, but I couldn't make it there from Central Austin on a regular basis. Maybe if they battered and fried their menu offerings and then smothered them in gravy they would have done better in Pflugerville, but I just don't think choosing that location was a good business decision on their part. They should open a more central location.

          1. re: brattpowered

            Actually, Aster's Ethiopian is in Central Austin. So there is still at least one Ethiopian place left in town

            1. re: Homero

              I think the poster was referring to an Ethiopian version of "Foul" which is a Lebanese dish made with fava beans.

              Aster's has unfortunately been slipping. I hope this guy is taking an extended vacation or something. I'd really like to try it.

              1. re: nk.

                Thanks for clarifying this, nk. This is exactly what I was referring to and Aster's does not serve it.