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Oct 11, 2007 11:45 AM

sandwiches at zanzabelle?

I read (on daily candy, if you must know) that Zanzabelle in Silverlake is now serving sandwiches. Anyone been?

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  1. haven't directly experienced but a trusted friend said they were great and she doesn't like much....

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      Sandwiches are tasty and the owner reports he'll try to change the menu weekly. The day I tried, there was a marinated mozzarella w/ arugala, a great vegie sandwich w/ white bean spread and 2 others. Bread I believe, is from Breadbar. Owner has success as a local caterer and wanted to establish storefront. Variety is limited as the kitchen space can't accomodate full-on cooking. Only complaints are the huge amount of plastic wrap used on sandwiches - and the price - $8 + tax feels pricey for a sandwich and scoop of chips or a teeny scoop of orzo salad (which feels like carb overkill with all that bread from sandwich). I think owner is going to expand into a making a couple of salads and a fresh soup which will be definitely worth a try.