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Oct 11, 2007 11:30 AM

Carniceria Wanted - Samo & Westside

I am looking for a good carniceria (great asada, al pastor etc) with other authentic ingredients like home made salsa's and queso.

Does anyone know of a spot on the westside, brentwood, santa monica area?

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  1. One good place to try is Don Felix which is on the NW corner of Sawtelle and Washington in Culver City. The other place (I am not recalling the name just now) that comes to mind is in the little strip mall with Monte Alban and Super Taco on Santa Monica Blvd. on the north side of the street just a block or two east of Bundy.

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      Despite the fact that several posters have praised Don Felix, my walk through the small store was unimpressive and my tacos were among my least favorite on the westside. On the other hand, Monte Alban is well-loved and it is associated with El Super Taco. Both are in the strip mall on the N/E corner of Santa Monica Blvd at Brockton, and it wouldn't surprise me to find that they source from that carniceria. El Super Taco has a habanero salsa option, orangeish and labeled "extra hot" that is delicious and definitely perks up a regular salsa roja.

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        I'm not a big fan of the carniceria next to Monte Alban. The few times I got something there, it was okay. The chicharron was kind of flavorless. That's a bad sign if I don't scarf up all the fried pork skin. MA and Super Taco are good and we go there regularly. The habanero salsa is the best. Their tortas are pretty solid also. Agree that Don Felix and the adjoining store is overrated. It's a weird setting with the way you order and pickup food and I thought the selection of meats in the store was mediocre.

        It's a shame since I moved and MA and Super taco are no longer within walking distance but Don Felix is. But the original Tacomiendo is now within walking distance.

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          There is a small carniceria attached to Tacos la Flama on the S/E corner of Pico and Barrington. I used to get a decent sl pastor burrito there when I didn't want to drive to Taqueria Sanchez or Tacos Por Favor but before El Super Taco opened and became my close-by go-to place.

    2. I am assuming that you are looking for ingredients to cook at home or otherwise. You cannot go wrong with Sanchez Meat Co. They also have prepared food there. Never ate there but if it is have as good as their meats, espcially their carne asada, it is a place. I drive from Brentwood. Not too bad of a drive.

      Sanchez Meat Co.
      4525 Inglewood Blvd
      Culver City, CA 90230
      (310) 391-3640

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        I believe that this is the carniceria attached to the "other" location of Taqueria Sanchez. I've only been to the one on Centinela, but I really like the al pastor, the carnitas, and the shrimp there. Good salsa bar as well.

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          Carniceria Sanchez prepares the Best Carne Asada ( flap meat ) I know on the Westside. They take these metal pans place your meat in which is extremely fresh add they add marinade, spices and herbs.. they make it to order for you by hand (very olde fashioned kinda prep ). The Salsa's are great too especially that hot green one. The market is small but has all the basics. Just fire up the grill ( charcoal if you have one ) and hmm sabrosito..

          Sanchez Meat
          4525 Inglewood Blvd, Culver City, CA