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Oct 11, 2007 11:09 AM

Steakhouse in Dallas

What is the best steakhouse in Dallas ? I am planning on taking my boyfriend to a steakhouse for his birthday. Some of my friends have suggested Del Frisco’s, Pappas Bros., Bob’s Steak and Chop House, and Capital Grille. I’ve also read some good reviews on Chamberlain’s. I’d like to narrow it down and make a final decision. Thanks!

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  1. I love Bob's! The food is great--I am actually having a surprise birthday dinner for my husband there this weekend...

    1. How old are you and your boyfriend? I dined at N9ne Steakhouse last night and it was fabulous. But it was a scene and be seen type of place with a young crowd. The atmosphere was LOUD, but the food and the service was outstanding and I didn't find it to be more expensive than any of the others.

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        I'm 24 and he's going to be turning 25.

        1. re: al427

          I think you will really enjoy N9ne. Very young and hip crowd.

          Let us know where you go and how your meal was!

      2. Chamberlains is my favorite hands down.

        1. depends what you want. At Bob's for instance, you'll wait a bit at the bar and get a good old fashioned cocktail while doing a bit of people watching. You'll be enveloped in a large booth that will mostly isolate you from the other diners. Service will be professional and unobtrusive, food will be good and the atmosphere will be fairly intimate. I'm sure there are other places that are more intimate and...seclusive? And others that might have better (strictly) or at least different steaks. But the steak at Bob's won't disappoint and imo it's good for a date. Haven't eaten at most of the other places so I can't compare.

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            Go to N9ne if you dont mind a loud atmosphere. It has the best steaks plus great sides, bread and dessert. Its not that loud during the week. My next choice would be pappas brothers. More romantic and quieter. Third choice would be Al's. It also has great sides and bread and desserts. Bob's sucks. Its over rated. It has a poor selection, awful side dishes, old time blah desserts and mediocre steaks. Im shocked there are so many people that like it (of course, that may mean Im the one with bad taste). Objectively speaking, it lacks assortment and variety, and is old school--its a steak a buttered carrot and hot fudge sundae. If thats what you like, its not bad. If you want food designed sometime after 1954, go elsewhere.

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              As mentioned, If you guys want the hipster scene, N9ne would be a fun scene with good food. Luniz described Bob's perfectly. If you want a little society/star gazing spot, Al's would fit that bill. My last meal at Al's was very mediocre. Pappa's is much lower key and doesn't really have "vibe" if you looking for it. Del Frisco's IMO has the best piece of meat in town. The atmosphere the dark, cluby type thing. 9 and Al's are very loud if that makes a difference. They are all bloody expensive.

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                i'm going to second pretty much everything that ssh says. great steaks at N9NE but kindof loud. pappas is my favorite. and ssh, i think you got it exactly right about bob's - i don't understand why people like it as much as they do.

                pappas has a dry-aging room on the premises. their steaks are really excellent. and the atmosphere is very "big city".

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                  does Pappas have a bar I can eat at (that is, without a reservation)?

                  1. re: luniz

                    sorry I can't remember for sure, but I think so. All the other Pappas restaurants have a bar area that is nicely set up for dining.

            2. Don't go to the Bob's in Plano. Poor service and average food for inflated prices.